Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where He Guides, He Provides

In our family devotion yesterday, that was the one phrase that captured my heart.  Without a doubt, the Lord has called our family to adoption.  Since embarking on this journey, there has never been a moment I have doubted that.  So far the hardest thing about adoption has been surrendering control of the finances.  Plain and simple - we cannot do this without financial support.  I wish we could have had the time and money to save up for this journey before starting it, but when God called us to Ethiopia, He called us NOW. 

Time and time again I have allowed myself to get all worked up about the finances.  And time and time again the Lord has laid on my heart that it is in His hands.  Its so hard to do - I don't think I will ever master it!  But you can see why that one little phrase brought me so much comfort.  And not just in the financial aspect.

Emotionally this has been a roller coaster ride! I'm sure you can imagine the emotions that play into this adventure: anxiety, excitement, agony, joy, hope, love, frustration...just to name a few.  But even at the toughest moments, even when I don't think I could possibly wait the potential year we have left, God gives me (us) the strength to carry on.  So again..."where He guides, He provides". 

For our family (and many others, I'm sure), God isn't just providing the finances (which is an amazing story in itsself), He is providing the strength and endurance we need day to day. 

Thank you Lord for taking care of me and loving me as your own!


Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

Megan...I completely understand how you are feeling...right now the hardest part for me is realizing that we will add a baby to our family when "It's God Timing" and I know this but I am so tired of people saying it :) No one truly understands unless they have gone through this journey as well. God Bless & prayers as always :)

liv said...

praise the Lord! we made a commitment to save up 10k before we applied, but we're definitely trusting in God's provision for the remainder!