Friday, June 25, 2010

Celebrating Maleah

Only days before my brother and his wife departed the Portland airport to head to Ethiopia and pick up their daughter...I, along with the help of my sisters (in law) Amanda and Joanie (and some amazing help of my mom), hosted a baby shower for our sister (in law) Laura.  Although this is Laura's fourth child we are welcoming, she has never had a baby shower before (say WHAT?!?).  The blame falls on my shoulders of course, but let's face it - I was only in high school when her oldest was born!  Don't worry we're making up for it now.  =P

There's something special about this addition though!  If you've been reading my blog, then you will realize that this is not only Laura's FIRST GIRL, but she has adopted this sweet bundle of joy from ETHIOPIA!  That's right!  Our little Baby Girl has an Ethiopian cousin!!!  We feel so amazingly blessed to have been on this journey with my brother Clint, and his wife Laura.  And all four of us are thrilled to have daughters that will share such an amazing bond of heratage and culture! 

There were many reasons to host this baby shower, but the biggest reason being the celebration of Maleah's life!  I can't tell you how excited we all are to have another girl in the family.

It all started with the hostessess, who put their creative brains together... design the decor...

Tissue paper flowers (Amanda's doing)

Burpcloths disguised as flowers...clever doing of my SIL Amanda!

My mom helped with the beautiful flowers!

Dollar store lanterns, can't beat that!

African perfect!

I know...cute huh?!? ;)

...and plan the menu...

The Buffet

Chicken salad cresents, crackers & artichoke dip, and the fruit platter...

Yummy Marshmallow pops

Aren't those just stunning?  Sorry...don't mean to toot my own horn.  ;)

Delicious cupcakes...German Chocolate...and the pink and green is just food colored yellow cake mix.  Clever?  Yep!  =)

Yummy fruit

Joanie's pink lemonade pizzaz

Water, of course!

Ethiopian coffee (the stuff we sell for fundraising - or at least will be again soon!)

The Party

The mother-load of gifts ;)

Laura (Maleah's mom) and Amanda

That's my mom there (far left) chatting with Laura and her friends!
Laura was telling us how wonderful it feels to have a baby shower without being pregnant!!!  (She had three very rough pregnancies and deliveries.)

Opening gifts

Peeking at the gifts

Laura with her Grandma

Laura and both Grandma's

We love you Laura!  It was so much fun to throw a shower in your honor to celebrate your daughter's life.  Maleah is so amazing and an incredible addition to the family.



Darcee said...

WOWIE! Nicely done! :) Welcome home little Maleah! :)

Lauren said...

beautiful! I love all the pictures! My best friend is throwing me our first shower tomorrow and I am soooo excited!! :)