Our Adoption Timeline

07/23/09 God solidified the desire in my heart to adopt
08/16/09 God solidified the desire in the Hub's heart to adopt, decided on Ethiopia, & decided to start the process
08/17/09 Decided on Agency: All God's Children International & sent in pre-application
08/28/09 AGCI accepted our pre-application & requested additional information
09/18/09 Mailed in our Official application!!!
09/21/09 AGCI received our Application, but waiting on Doctor's Endorsement
10/02/09 AGCI requesting additional personal statements about our miscarriage for Application
10/03/09 Faxed & mailed personal statement
10/09/09 AGCI accepted our Application/received Orientation Packet
10/14/09 Orientation call
10/22/09 Got all our contracts notorized & mailed to AGCI
10/27/09 Told the Hub's family!!! - GREAT response!
10/30/09 Told my family!!! - GREAT response!
10/31/09 Started telling friends
11/01/09 Told our church family
11/23/09 Mailed the biggest check of our lives, allowing us to continue the process & taking one step forward to bring our daughter home!!!
12/01/09 Received Dossier/Homestudy binders, our Adoption Planner, and "Eyes Wide Open" workbook in the mail and began our paper-chase!
12/07/09 Dossier & Homestudy appointment (at AGCI) to go over paperwork and what's required of us
12/12/09 Fingerprints done at local PD and mailed in to FBI
01/20/09 Tried Ethiopian food for the first time!  A-MAZ-ING!
02/13/10 Received FBI clearences COMPLETING our Homestudy paperwork!!!

02/15/10 Mailed Homestudy (and copies) and "Eyes Wide Open" workbook to AGCI for review

02/17/10 AGCI receives and approves "Eyes Wide Open" workbook, which completes our education!
03/03/10 First Homestudy interview
03/08/10 Second Homestudy interview & went out for dinner and met a bunch of AGCI families in the Ethiopia program as well!

03/18/10 Third Homestudy interview a.k.a. The HOME Visit!!!
03/31/10 Received Homestudy report
04/15/10 Dossier APPROVED!
04/15/10 Officially on the Waitlist at #48!!!
04/25/10 AGCI Ethiopia family BBQ at our house
05/12/10 Officially #43
05/26/10 Sent in I600A form to USCIS
06/11/10 Officially #38
06/22/10 USCIS Fingerprinting done
07/09/10 - 07/10/10 Adoption Fundraiser Yard Sale
07/13/10 Officially #35
07/29/10 Received FDL (Favorable Determination Letter from USCIS)
07/31/10 First Seattle AGCI/Ethiopia potluck
08/05/10 Officially #29
09/09/10 Officially #26
10/02/10 Ethiopian dinner with some local AGCI families!
10/05/10 Officially #21
11/04/10 Officially #13
12/07/10 Officially #9 - SINGLE DIGITS BABY!!! =)
01/06/11 Officially #7
02/07/11 Officially #6 (This isn't lookin' good...)
02/28/11 UNofficially #1?!?!?!!!  WHAT?!?!?!
02/28/11 WE GOT THE CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  REFERRAL DAY!!!!!!!!
03/01/11 Received Referral Packet, Phone Call with AGCI's Family Coordinator, Phone Appointment with Social Worker, Phone Appointment with International Pediatrician & Overnighted COMPLETED Referral Package back to AGCI!!!
03/02/11 Referral Officially Accepted!
03/25/11 Received our court date!
03/28/11 Booked our tickets to AFRICA!
05/18/11 Flew to Ethiopia for trip one
05/20/11 Met our daughter for the first time!
05/23/11 Our COURT DATE!
06/24/11 Left for Ethiopia to bring HOME our princess!
06/26/11 GOTCHA DAY!!!!!
07/01/11 Landed on U.S. Soil making our daughter a U.S. Citizen
07/02/11 HOME with our daughter and united as a family of FOUR!