Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where's The Monkey??? And ECLIPSE!!!


Where are you Monkey???

This Monkey has been a little EXTRA-adventurous lately!


(You can expect our movie review and pics tomorrow...including my self-made Twi-mom shirt!)

P.S. (Yes, I know this post is hardly considered "wordless" but bear with me.)  I have a surprise for you guys on Friday!   Staaaaay tuned! =)


Monday, June 28, 2010

Waiting...In More Ways Than One

I know you guys all are anxious for another adoption update...but in all honesty its just a lot of waiting at this point.  You all know by now that we are on the waitlist (officially #38, but we know of two referrals since we got that update).  It may seem to some of you that thigns have slowed down b/c I'm not posting about the adoption as much, but in fact we are getting closer and closer every day.  Again, its just a lot of waiting.

The other thing we are waiting on is our FDL (Favorable Determination Letter from USCIS).  Last Tuesday we drove to Tukwila/Seattle area and got our fingerprints done for immigration.  From the moment we arrived to getting back in our car was about an hour.  Probably would have seemed completely normal for a visit of that nature if we weren't hauling around an overly-tired toddler who was past nap time and running a fever and hungry in a room where food wasn't allowed (I snuck in some raisins and string cheese without drawing any attention to myself though...SHHH!  Don't tell!).  It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but not the worst either.  The number system was EXTREMELY disorganized, but once we each got to our fingerprint techs we had smiles on our faces.  I swear that the girl who did mine could be my BFF if we lived closer...she was hilarious!  She even commented on my husband's WIPHAN shirt he was wearing.  AWESOME!  I wish I could take her out for a cup of coffee and chat more, but in all honesty...I forgot to ask her name!!! (tsk, tsk!) 

Here is the three of us, so happy to be done!!! 
And BONUS: the sun is shining!!!

So waiting to get our FDL...then waiting for our referral (that sounds so technical....waiting to find out about our DAUGHTER!)!!  SO ready...  Lord PLEASE give me some money so I can work on distracting myself by finishing our new bedroom and decorating the kids rooms!  =)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

1 Peter 3:4

It should be that of your inner self,
the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit,
which is of great worth in God's sight.
1 Peter 3:4


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Is HERE At Last!

Excuse my lack of posts.  That is called the result of a bad mood...or a series of bad moods.  The weather (or lack-there-of) here in Washington has finally got to me.  We've pretty much been a steady 50-60 degrees since January.  JANUARY!  You think I'm kidding?  Guess again girlfriend!  Overcast, drizzly, grey, and blah - that is how you describe our weather here in Seattle(ish). 

Well this week, it has finally turned around.  Of course, we can't know for sure that it will last...but in Seattle, you enjoy it while you can.  The last THREE days have been mid-seventy, beautiful, sunny days.  Sunny enough, that I have finally had an opportunity to break out the bathing suit!  Sunny enough to actually require shorts!  Not that I have any (that fit).  Sunny enough for the kiddie pool and the sprinkler!  OH.  HAPPY.  DAY!  =)

So I think it goes without saying that there have been a plethora of pictures in the last three days.  This may bore you who live in beautiful, sunny states on a constant basis...but this is CELEBRATION time in Washington.  So bear with me - and oogle over my adorable baby boy ( he's NOT a baby...can you please stop reminding me?).

See?  Sunshine!

That's the most of the bathing suit you're getting, sorry.

This one's for you Katie!!!

Someone has becomed quite the little dare devil lately!

Time for the water works!

Testing the waters with daddy.

Haha!  GOTCHA!!!

Planning his next hit.

Love daddy's expression here - just got hit in the face by his boy!

"Warming up" in the pool (which was REALLY cold)!

Oh summer - how we love thee!!!


21 Things About My 21 Month Old

So I missed the 20 month post.  Or I should say, it was so late it wasn't even worth posting!  So it has morphed into the 21 month post...right. on. time.  And by on time I mean a couple days late. 

My Lil Man has turned 21 MONTHS!  I can't even believe how fast time has flown.  It really does feel like just yesterday I held that puny little squirt in my arms.  I can feel his kicks and his hiccups when my friends talk about how their pregnancies are going.  When friend are talking about their labor pains I can feel the pressure - oh!  (And yet here I say Lord willing, I hope to be pregnant again some day...almost doesn't seem fitting to want to go through that again, but I do.)  I can feel his soft baby hair and picture those skinny, long fingers.  Just a reminder to all you new mothers out there - don't stress about the housework.  Don't worry about that baby weight, or the way your clothes fit.  Who cares if you miss a day or two of brushing your teeth?  Just hold that baby in your arms, and kiss those tiny fingers and tiny lips, sing a lullaby or two (baby loves your voice, despite of how "in tune" you are), and cherish. the. moment.  It will be over in a flash.

So in celebration of the 21 months my baby has been in my world -
21 Things I Love About My 21 Month Old

1. His cheeseball smile when I say, "smile for the camera...cheeeese!"
2. That mischevious over-the-shoulder grin he gives me when I say "no" and he's reaching to touch it anyway.
3. His desire for independence, whether that be putting on his own shoes, or jeans, or eating with a fork.
4. Driving cars up and down my legs, my back, my face...
5. His love for the great outdoors...even though it ends in a lot of temper tantrums when mama says, "not right now".
6. The unending fascination of wheels.
7.  His love of fruit - seriously it could be all he eats in a day.  There would be a lot of dirty diapers, but I would have one happy toddler!
8. His playfulness in the morning.  That kid wakes up with the hugest grin on his face every day!  Gotta love it.  How can you not?
9. His faith - yep, I said it!  If mama or daddy forgets to have him say his prayer before eating he will STOP US to pray.  OR I will see him fold his hands and mumble something about baby sister (we always pray for "baby sister in Africa").
10. His love of mama.  Yes, it can be frustrating when he won't go to anyone but me.  But I very much believe in "attatchment parenting" and I am thrilled that he loves me so much.  And it's okay to be a little scared of other people at this age.  He knows his family, and that's what matters.
11. His love of daddy.  Melts.  My.  Heart.  Those two have a relationship like none other.
12. His love of stuffed animals!  That kid could be in the crabbiest of crabby moods and you pull out a stuffed animal and he crumbles into a cuddly puddle on the floor.  Even the hardwoods.
13. His "helpfulness" - whether cooking dinner, unloading the dishwasher, or picking up his toys.  I stumble over him constantly but he wants to be right by my side.
14. His fashion sense - he faux-hawks it the BEST!
15. The copycat nature - the other day I caught him
16. His dare-devil nature may be a little scary at times, but overall it brings out uncontrollable laughter.  Like crawling into the dryer.  Like crawling into the basket under his stroller.  Like pushing his rocking chair up to the dining room chair up to the computer desk to touch the keyboard.  Like climbing into his wagon headfirst.  Like climbing off the couch by going over the arm rest.  Like jumping off furniture. We've definately had our share of laughs in the last few weeks.
17. His love of his "baby sister" (the dolly).  He kisses her, he hugs her, he rocks her in his chair, and he brings her to me and shows me where her nose and her belly button is.  It's precious.  He's going to be the BEST big brother ever.
18. His giggle.  I think I say this every month (possibly every post) but his giggle is not only adorable, but addicting!!!!!
19. His run - the hips are swaying, the little pitter-patter of footsteps throughout the house.  I hope I never forget it.
20. The snuggles - they are the best.  Period.
21. EVERYTHING about him.  Seriously.  How can I not?  People stop me all the time to tell me how sweet he is, how cute he is...well, (I'm not biased or anything) I have to agree!  =D you little man!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Celebrating Maleah

Only days before my brother and his wife departed the Portland airport to head to Ethiopia and pick up their daughter...I, along with the help of my sisters (in law) Amanda and Joanie (and some amazing help of my mom), hosted a baby shower for our sister (in law) Laura.  Although this is Laura's fourth child we are welcoming, she has never had a baby shower before (say WHAT?!?).  The blame falls on my shoulders of course, but let's face it - I was only in high school when her oldest was born!  Don't worry we're making up for it now.  =P

There's something special about this addition though!  If you've been reading my blog, then you will realize that this is not only Laura's FIRST GIRL, but she has adopted this sweet bundle of joy from ETHIOPIA!  That's right!  Our little Baby Girl has an Ethiopian cousin!!!  We feel so amazingly blessed to have been on this journey with my brother Clint, and his wife Laura.  And all four of us are thrilled to have daughters that will share such an amazing bond of heratage and culture! 

There were many reasons to host this baby shower, but the biggest reason being the celebration of Maleah's life!  I can't tell you how excited we all are to have another girl in the family.

It all started with the hostessess, who put their creative brains together... design the decor...

Tissue paper flowers (Amanda's doing)

Burpcloths disguised as flowers...clever doing of my SIL Amanda!

My mom helped with the beautiful flowers!

Dollar store lanterns, can't beat that!

African perfect!

I know...cute huh?!? ;)

...and plan the menu...

The Buffet

Chicken salad cresents, crackers & artichoke dip, and the fruit platter...

Yummy Marshmallow pops

Aren't those just stunning?  Sorry...don't mean to toot my own horn.  ;)

Delicious cupcakes...German Chocolate...and the pink and green is just food colored yellow cake mix.  Clever?  Yep!  =)

Yummy fruit

Joanie's pink lemonade pizzaz

Water, of course!

Ethiopian coffee (the stuff we sell for fundraising - or at least will be again soon!)

The Party

The mother-load of gifts ;)

Laura (Maleah's mom) and Amanda

That's my mom there (far left) chatting with Laura and her friends!
Laura was telling us how wonderful it feels to have a baby shower without being pregnant!!!  (She had three very rough pregnancies and deliveries.)

Opening gifts

Peeking at the gifts

Laura with her Grandma

Laura and both Grandma's

We love you Laura!  It was so much fun to throw a shower in your honor to celebrate your daughter's life.  Maleah is so amazing and an incredible addition to the family.