Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm BAAAACCKKK...With SO Much To Share!

After a crazy start to the month of June, I am finally home (and for more than 48 hours) and ready get back to the craziness of my own life.  To our life.  Home sweet I've missed you!

As you know, the month started off with a BANG and a trip to Portland to meet my newest niece!  From the little communiation I've had with my brother and his wife (completely MY fault, not theirs) they are doing amazingly well adjusting to life as SIX!  Maleah is already sleeping great and is loving her new brothers...smiley and happy just like she was right off the plane.  This is an amazing for a seven month old who has gone through as much in her little life as she has already.  Laura is posting about their trip to Ethiopia, so follow their journey on their blog at!!!

After very few days home, we took off again to spend a week at my in-laws (not a classic in-law relationship there though, because I LOVE them - no joke!) to spend time with them and the HUB'S oldest brother and family.  Matt is in the Air Force, so in the two plus years since we've seen him...he has married his gorgeous Korean wife, WE had a baby (Monkey), and THEY had a baby (Caleb).  These cousins (who are 13 months apart) may LOOK like polar opposites, but they act and sound almost identical.  It's hilarious!!!  We couldn't help it with the matching shirts.

Caleb: Dude...cous...check out our parents!

Monkey: Are we done yet?

Caleb: For real, you see how stupid they look, right?!?

Hubs, Me, Monkey, Caleb, Matt, Ji Hyun
(Yes...I have no makeup on with it.)

I have SO much more to tell you about our trip, but this will have to do for now.  I've got A LOT of unpacking and A LOT of laundry to do around here.  But I will leave you with one parting, sweet, and inspirational video of another family from our agency.  TISSUE WARNING!!!  (Please pause the music at the bottom of the page first.)

Read about their amazing family here or if blogger is being slow you can watch the video here.


3 Blessings said...

Love the pictures of the boys...too cute!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

So cute!!!

The B Family said...

Thanks for sharing our video, Megan! And for the link to Laura's blog--I'll now be following sweet Maleah's adventures, too--how cool that your daughter will have a cousin from Ethiopia! And congrats on the fingerprint appointment and being one step closer to bringing your girl home.