Sunday, February 27, 2011

Labor of Love

I think I am enduring my "labor" this weekend.  Ever since I got the call about Brittany's referral on Friday, I have had that sick-to-my-stomach, nervous/excited feeling.  Friday night I even had HEARTBURN! 

I remember Thursday evening, giggling to myself when I received Brittany's text that she was having similar symptoms.  It wasn't so funny when it was my turn =)

Last night we even had friends over for dinner...I was fumbling over my words and tripping over my own two feet.  My hands were even shaking as I was cutting up some bad, in fact, that I splashed chicken juice ALL OVER the kitchen floor on my way back to the sink.  By that point, I just shook my head and told Hubs, "I need you".  He came over to clean up after me and finish preparing the dinner that I couldn't pull myself together enough to complete =)

This morning I was all nervous to go to church, concerned I would be a blubbering mess.  Well unfortunately, that was not far from the truth.  During worship, the tears started flowing.  Then during "greeting" I had two people stop to pray for me (and thank you to each of you who did, it meant the WORLD) and that was the end of it.  It was one of those ugly cries too - you know, the constant stream of tears that you can't blot away with your handful of tissues, shaking shoulders, quivering lip sort of sob!  Yeah...I was a complete and utter mess.

So needless to say, I can feel it on the horizon.  I know that moment when I get to gaze at my daughter's sweet face is approaching soon.  And I'm ready.  No, her nursery isn't finished.  We're not done fundraising (more on that later).  Her closet is fairly empty.  But my HEART is ready.  We're ready to have some answers to those "unknowns".  Ready to have a face to put to the name.  Ready to answer the "how many kids do you have?" question with a proud "TWO!" 

Now I'm going to leave you with a sweet poem my friend Lori wrote for me (during church of all things, lol)!  It is just so precious.  This women is known for her cute little poems.  She even wrote one for me the week I missed church for being sick and sent it home with my, you're the best!!!  So here ya go!  I hope to update you with some AMAZING NEWS very soon!

Into all our hearts we've found
Little baby girl, small and brown.
May love surround you every day
And feel God's love in every way.
May God's hand be upon you now
Even though we don't know how.
To keep you fed and safe from harm
That the mothers would be taken with your charm.
That God would guard you on every side
Until finally in our arms you'll hide.



ASH said...

Oh, my. Can't wait to read your happy news! I got to be there/videotape a friend's referral call...and it was a completely life changing moment for ME (and I wasn't even the one receiving the referral!!!) Truly, truly beautiful...I am SO EXCITED for you!!! I've heard about lots of TINY little ones that have recently arrived over there...and I'm sure one of them is yours = )

Alison said...

Oh my godness, how precious!! Praying that ya'll get the call tomorrow!!!!

Laura said...

Been feeling those things for you too...I 'get it' and am lifting you and your heart up in the final homestretch days. As you see your daughter's face a whole new journey begins...we'll be praying for the new journey ahead too.

Mindy said...

I agree, I have been thinking of you SO much and praying for you! I've been excited/nervous for you!! I just about cried reading your post as I totally understand what you are saying! I can imagine acting the same way in a few months.

Praying, praying, praying!!!! Can't wait to hear the news!!!

Kimberly said...

Beautiful poem! You'll be hearing SO SOON!!!!