Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Cinematic Adventure!

***Disclaimer: these photos were taken with my point and shoot and even I am extremely unimpressed with the quality.  That being said...bad photos are better than no photos at all...at least in my book =)  The importance is that I documented this first!***

For Monkey's first trip to the movie theater, we went to our local downtown (small town) theater that plays one, maybe two movies a day.  We had been wanting to see TANGLED for quite some time...but there's something about getting a babysitter and going to an animated movie that just GETS to me.  If we're getting a babysitter...I want to do something ADULT-ish.  Sooo...we decided two just MIGHT be old enough to go.

As soon as we got into the theater doors, Monkey spotted the popcorn...

 He headed straight towards it as I started snapping some pictures.  Immediately the employees caught on that this was his first trip and announced the Tuesday special: free popcorn for first timers! =)  (Of course we bought a big 'ole bag and drinks for the two of us as well =)

After we found our seats, Monkey had to explore every square inch of the place...including the woman's bathroom where he QUICK got a diaper change before the movie started!

Up and down the aisle he ran!  Fortunately there was only 4 other people TOTAL in the theater...a dad with his daughter and a mom with her son.  They totally GOT IT and didn't mind his antics at all (PHEW!).

Yummy pop-a-corn!!!  Sittin' down to enjoy the movie...we'll see how long he lasts!

He coulda cared less about the pictures (or anything else for that matter) as long as popcorn was IN HIS LAP!

My boys =)  I love them!  (Doesn't my hubster look so handsome??  He's got the BEST smile...just in case you wondered where Monkey got it from =)

Chowin' down!  And notice the bags???  Yep, we came prepared with coloring books, story books, lots of cars, diapers, wipes, milk, chocolate, fruit snacks...you name it!  The key to any successful toddler adventure is to BE PREPARED!!!!

So how did he do?  Not to shabby.  He could see just fine, but once the movie started he just preferred to be seated in one of our laps...which was just fine by us!  HE thought the movie had a slow start...meaning it just took a while for him to get into it.  But once the characters were really developed he seemed to enjoy it.  About 20 minutes before the end he tried to crawl off my lap saying "all done" so it took some effort to keep him there (note the BAGS of goodies...I think we went though 7 packs of fruit snacks?!?) but it was worth it. He had so much fun!  Although we won't be making this a NORMAL thing...its a fun treat every now and then...with the right movie.

And how was the movie???  All three of us really loved it!  Cutesie!!!


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4 Blessings said...

Too cute! It looks like you all had a lot of fun. Taylor and I saw that movie together and we thought it was so cute.

On another note, I prayed for you this morning. You are SO close. Can't wait for you to see your baby's face.