Sunday, July 24, 2011

7 Months(!!!), Flashback Pics, & Summer Vacation!!!

I know I have been MIA, and I am SORRY!  I sincerely want to give you a detailed journal from every day on our second trip to Ethiopia (as well as record it for M&M's benefit)...but unlike last trip where I journaled at the end of every day...I haven't even WRITTEN it yet.  And in all honesty, I have been completely focused on bonding as a family.  I didn't want to be one of those people who abandoned my blog after I come home.  And I definitely don't intend for that to be the case.  But my family ALWAYS comes first, so I have decided to take a summer vacation from my blog.  After that, I will be back with all the details for you on how life is going as a family of four!  But before I do that, I have some pictures for you and a little celebration, because...

Our M&M turned 7 Months OLD this week!!!!!!

So in honor of this milestone, I am going to do a flashback of pictures from when we first saw our little princess to now....all except the one for 7 months were taken by HH/traveling AGCI families!

M&M on February 16th, when she arrived at HH

Freshly shaven little head

This is the closest to 3 months we have (just days before)
and her FIRST SMILE captured on camera!!!

Still framed in our bedroom! =)

I think this is my favorite picture I was EVER sent....too precious!!!

One week before we got custody of our sweet girl!

IN our bedroom....never thought this day would come! =)
Today she weights a hefty 15 1/2 pounds!!!!!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome HOME!!!


I can't believe I am actually posting this!  After 1 year, 10 months, 2 weeks and 2 days of waiting....we finally BROUGHT OUR DAUGHTER HOME!!!  I'm sorry for the delay in posting.  As you can imagine, we've been quite busy adjusting to life with TWO well as recovering from jet lag.  It gets better everyday, but MAN are we tired!  I'll recap on the trip as soon as I can, as well as update you on our new normal...but I couldn't wait a moment longer to finally post her face...

Without further ado, we introduce to you our precious and long-awaited for daughter...

Our Lil' M&M

We are OVERJOYED to finally be celebrating her arrival.  She is such a delight - always offering smiles and laughs.  We have been amazed at the bond that has already begun and marvel at the ease of her adjustment.  I know it will only be a matter of time before we share her {even more} with all of you.  Thank you for your emails, comments, all means so much to us.  We LOVE the support from our community, friends, and family.  SHE IS HOME!  {I can't TELL you how good that feels to say!}

More to come...stay tuned!