Friday, July 13, 2012

Independence Day

I know I am far from being caught up from pictures over the last year....but on the off chance that I never catch up, I thought I would post something fresh and new! =)

The 4th of July felt SO different this year than last!  All day we kept reminding ourselves how far our little angel had come since this time last year.  In 2011, Cocoa had been home only two days.  TWO DAYS!  Why oh why we felt the need to go to the parade is beyond me.  Oh yeah...I had the cutest outfit for her was just DYING to show her off.  Selfish, I know.  But it happened, and we all survived.

This year, we knew she would just LOVE the parade and the BBQ's and yes, even the fireworks!  So we did it all!  Our city makes a pretty big deal about the 4th (which I know most do).  Every year before the parade, the local Windermere Real Estate agents host a kiddie parade.  Families go ALL OUT for this, dressing up, decorating strollers, wagons, bikes, name it!  There are four categories you can be judged on and they give out little trophies!  Now....I decided to do this the week of, so no, we didn't win a trophy or anything....but we DID have a blast!  The kids helped us decorate our wagon and we dressed up in our best red, white, and blue and walked down the main street waving  (or in Monkey's case, scowling) while the local newspaper took pictures.  It might be easy to let it go to your head and feel like a celebrity...except for the fact that there were kids throwing candy into the crowds and missing and hitting our faces instead.  Or a certain kid wanting to be the center of attention who kept ramming his bike into my legs because he wasn't paying attention.  But who was still fun!!!
My kiddos prepping for the parade

Our walking partners-in-crime!!

Mini Photo Session....aka waiting for the REAL parade to start!

Daddy kissing Cocoa's boo-boo's

Parade Time!!!!

I think our little sweetie mighta loved it!!! =)

Need a picture of the curls....celebrating "Fro's On The Fourth"!!!

After the parade we went to the annual BBQ our friends/co-workers put on.  There are always a lot of people and even more food.  Burgers, brats, beans, fruit, salad, chocolate, chips, name it!!!  These friends know how to PARTY!!!!!  And our good friend J made besties with the kids....can I hear "BABYSITTER"?!?!?  ;)  

Instagram Collage of the party fun!
And then it was back home for naps...and of course a photo shoot for mama!!!

My precious little loves favorite!!!

Hope ya'll had a great 4th of July!!!!!