Friday, February 11, 2011

A HUGE First In This House!!!

I think most of you know I am a professional hair designer!  Which is really just a fancy way to say HAIRSTYLIST!  So I'm sure you can understand that a first haircut in this house is a HUGE deal!  So almost 2 1/2 years old, Monkey just had his FIRST haircut today!  Mama could have easily waited longer, but daddy was complaining about it just a wee bit too much.  He said I really should take my shears to that head of hair before it looked cRaZy!!!  Hahaha!  So TODAY was the day (much to my dismay).  But I put on a smile to make this as "picture perfect" as I could.  Too bad Monkey couldn't do the same...hehehee!  So PLEASE excuse the crazy face in this picture =)  He saw gummy bears and that was ALL he could think about!  I imagine in this picture he is thinking, "WHY is daddy just HOLDing them there???  I just want them IN MY MOUTH!"  LOL!

Mama & CRAZY-faced Monkey!

He wasn't so sure about the water bottle at FIRST....

Until I let HIM squirt it!!!

NOW he wants to get daddy (not the camera, Monkey...not the camera!)!!

Here we go...first snips!!!

(Check out mama's "quiet freak-out" face....I know I won't be twirling my fingers in that little curl any longer!)

Gettin' that faux-hawk back for daddy!

Breaking out the blow-dryer!!

Proof for you doubters out there that he DOES have some curl in there!  Nothing like his little sister will have...but it definitely puts a smile on my face! =)

The gummy bear in the mouth = priceless =)

So it's official!!  He really IS his father's son!  The cropped hair makes him look even more like his daddy even if it IS blonde =)

Still can't believe how big he looks - yikes!  (I know, I know...just wait until I have a BABY in my arms!)



"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

CUTE!!! Just gave our 4 boys haircuts today :) Of course we do that with a shaver.

Can't wait....praying more referrals come soon :)

Teresa said...

It looks so cute! Thinking back to beauty school I'm not sure I envisioned us both using our education to cut our own kiddos hair, but in the blink of an eye here we are! I can't bring myself to cut Lolas mullet quite yet, because with the mullets would go the pigtails and they are just my favorite :)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Awwww, SO cute! Reminds me of when you gave Bubbalu his first ever haircut - silly how it makes you nervous and sentimental as a Mommy! I totally get ya on this one :)

Shannon said...

He is so ADORABLE!!! Great pictures and I love the new do!

Alison said...

So cute!!! Love his first haircut...and love that it was by his sweet Mommy! :)