Sunday, May 9, 2010

Adoption News??

I currently feel like I’ve run out of topics to blog about, but I figured it’s probably due time y’all received an update on the adoption process. It may seem like things have all of a sudden come to a halt, but in reality they are taking off! There’s just not much to update you on, because it’s just numbers shuffling around.

We are officially on the waiting list, as you know. In April we were #48 on the Girl’s list. We are still waiting for our May updates…they usually come the first week of the month, but my caseworker is in Taiwan helping start a Hannah’s Hope orphanage there, so there is only one caseworker making all the calls this month. Not to mention she has been busy with referrals, which brings a much bigger smile to my face than our high number! =)

If you would like to read about the excitement we are waiting to experience, you can check out some of the families from our agency who recently got “THE CALL”.



I thought being on the list was going to be really hard, and I’m sure it will get to be that way later…but for now, I feel a sense of relief. I’ve done all I can! Now I’m just waiting for the moment I get to see my daughter’s face. It’s starting to feel real. Especially since my brother and sister (in-law) just passed court, making their daughter legally a part of their family! I am so excited to have another niece in the family! You can read about their exciting news here.

So although there's no update now, you can expect new numbers from me early next week (hopefully)!

And...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!  To each and every mother out those holding their children lovingly in their arms, to those feeling their kicks in their belly, to those waiting for them from across the world, to those mourning the loss of a child, and to those who are praying to finally be a mother...  May you find yourself surrounded in joy and love today.

And please join me in prayer today for children around the world who don't have a mother and that God would put the longing in a family's heart to bring them into their forever family.



Lauren said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! Hope you get a REALLY LOW number this week!!! :)

Sharon said...

I still get the chills thinking about our call. It is the most amazing experience of my life.

Cindy said...

I have your family added to Ethiopian Adoption Blogs! Have a fantastic Mothers Day!

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

Happy Mother's Day to your too mom & sister my that day so special although other's not so much...still a hard day right now!! Thanks!!

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too mom, sister & dad made that day so special too..although it is still kind of hard right now!! Thanks!!

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

I don't think that we will have our baby anytime soon...we go into a pile (literally) with all the other waiting parents...but God only knows. Thanks!!

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

I is fun to learn about other people's journey & give hope and encouragement for all of ours. Have a great day...we need to start talking about meeting for dinner if you still want to when we come down to Seattle on June 12...just let me know!!