Wednesday, May 5, 2010

19 Things I Love About My 19 Month Old

So…this is a little late. Like fourteen days or something. I had been having some technical difficulties on my old blog (part of the reason for this one) and a seriously busy/sick couple of weeks.  But I still love this little guy, and I love sharing with y’all the cute and hilarious things he does.  So here it goes...19 things I love about my 19 month old!!!

1. Even when he’s sick, he’s a busy boy, running from room to room.

2. He LOVES his stuffed animals. No, like seriously LOVES them! We’re on a rotation for bedtime since he’s only allowed to have two in the crib with him at a time.

3. How even when he wakes up insanely early (like 7am =P) he will run around the room rearranging my books and turning the fan on and off so I can lazy around in bed a while longer.

4. His excitement over the neighbor’s dog every time we step out the front door.

5. How he hangs by the sliding glass door like a puppy until I finally let him outside to play.

6. When daddy sits down to put on his socks and shoes (getting ready for work), Monkey brings him his shoes and sweatshirt so he can come too!

7. His jabbering in his crib in the a.m. – precious!

8. His KISSES! Slobbery, messy, hardly on aim, and the sweetest thing ever!

9. His love of food – the more that will fit in the mouth the better! Yum yum yummeroo! Not to mention all the help with cooking and baking. Mama’s lil chef!

10. The squeal of laughter he gets when playing peek-a-boo, or follow-the-leader, or when you tickle him. Music to my ears!

11. His new love of books – two in particular! He wants me to read them over and over and over again.

12. How he points to EVERYTHING asking “This? This?” Such a curious monkey.

13. How he clings to his Mama anytime someone comes to the house (Not a babysitter mom!) or I try to drop him off at nursery. It’s nice to know I’m loved.

14. His ear-to-ear grin and giganto hug when I pick him up from nursery or come home after I’ve been gone!

15. How he looks like such a big boy now! Where did those baby-ish features go???

16. His dancing…to the Disney channel, to Sprout, to Nickelodeon…it’s awesome!

17. How he’s mastered shapes with his cookie jar! Talk about a smart cookie! =P

18. His constant attempt at somersaults…getting better every day!

19. His LOVE – nothing beats a toddler’s devotion! I love you too Lil Man!!!!



mom vg said...

I could easily write a million things I love about you! Every single inch of you gushes the Lord's work in you! Thanks, Jesus, for this beautiful woman who was once my baby girl. I AM BLESSED! Love you sweety!

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

Your little guys is so precious...yes that is one of the most exciting purchases...although I wanted to wait until a shower but that is hard with an adoption...anyway the car situation might be a bummer though...Happy Mother's Day (x2)!!

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

Your little guys is absolutely precious...yes that is the best purchase I think...however the car situation might still be a small bummer of a deal..Happy Mother's Day (times 2)!!