Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Kids say the darndest things, right???

Monkey is just about 20 months old, and just in the last couple weeks his little language skills has exploded!  He says these things sometimes that just make me laugh out loud.  It's so funny to hear how his brain is processessing the things we tell them or how he sees the world.  I just wanted to share with you (and really, mostly my family who doesn't get to see him as often as they like) the humorous little things he says...

*"Ball" is one of Monkey's favorite words right now, so often we throw a ball back and forth.  Today when I threw the ball it rolled under the chair, so Lil Man scoots over and digs it out and stands up proudly with the ball declaring, "I saved it!"  I don't know who taught him that one, but I love it! 

*The Hubs and I have gone through quite a few cell phones in the recent years, so we held on to the most damaged ones (aka mine) for...well, no apparent reason at first...but now they are a great toy for Monkey!  Well, Lil Man recently brought to my attention that whenever Hubs or I pick up the play phone we say his name.  We couldn't figure out for the longest time what he was saying into that little play phone, and then discovered it was a jumbled version of his name (missing a constanant)! =)

*One of the favorites: "I did it!" with his hands out all proud of himself!

*Often times Lil Man will run to the fridge trying to open the door saying "muh muh" which we figured out was "milk" or "smu smu" for smoothie (we often have one premade for him because he's in LOVE)!  If we're being especially clueless (like those extra early wake up calls) he will go in his drawer and grab either a sippy cup or his disposable cup with straw for his smoothie.  He definately knows how to get what he wants!

*A couple days ago Monkey's girlfriend was over playing with him.  They were digging in the toybox (and making a mess around them in the meantime) for something when I asked if they would rather go play outside.  Lisey looked at Monkey like, "What you think?" and his face just lit up as he exclaimed, "outside!"

*We spent last night over at some friends house for adult movie time (Baby Mama - one of my all time faves) and kiddo play time.  Their youngest, Eliora, is in love with our Lil Man....just thinks he's the most fun ever.  Probably has something everything to do with the fact that everything she says and does causes uncontrollable laughter on his part.  (It's really the cutest to watch them play together...)  Well she discovered the last time we were at their house that he loves playing Connect Four with her (just putting the pieces is and then flipping the switch and they all fall out - rolling on the floor laughing for both of them) so when we walked in the door last night, the game was already out ready to roll.  Monkey walks runs over to her with his very expressive, "OH yeeaaa!"  Eliora thinks that's hilarious.

*Just now (as I'm typing this) Monkey started walking towards me holding the laptops plug in and says, "I did it?"  After repeatedly explaining to him that it doesn't need to be plugged in right now (as he's attempting to walk across the room with it plugged into the other wall) I say "No thank you, not now" and Lil Man BURST into tears.  :(  He's trying to be helpful, but he gets so frustrated when I don't need it!  LOL.  So I went over and gave him a hug and showed him how he could help me put the chord away.  He didn't like it very much, even though I told him he was being very helpful. 

*When we got up this morning and open all the blinds, Monkey noticed daddy's Mustang parked out front (Hubs worked last night and is sleeping).  Monkey must have assumed daddy was still at work (as he often is) but he was so excited as he pointed to it.  I told him, yes, that's daddy's car!  As we walked away he had a huge smile on his face repeating "daddy's car..." 

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Ashlee said...

Awww, too cute. I wish I could watch him grow up. He seems so precious.