Thursday, May 13, 2010

MY Belated Mama's Day

I guess there's one advantage to having your hubby work on Mother's Day.  When you finally do get to celebrate it, its truely your day - in every way.  Wednesday was MY Mama's Day (as daddy and Monkey call it).  It was such a wonderful day full of sunshine, laughs, and quality time together as a family. 

Even though the weather forecast called for sunshine, there was definately a cold breeze outside, so we put off our activities until after Lil Man's nap to save up the sun rays.  We first went to QFC and purchased food for our picnic.  The hubs let me choose whatever I wanted - so fried chicken, potato salad, cheeto puffs, Snapple, and gooey brownies it was!  We took daddy's '65 Mustang out and headed to the beach.  The wind was picked up enough that we needed a sweatshirt for Monkey and a cardigan for Mama, but it was such a beautiful day!!!  We snagged a picnic table and set out the food and dug in.  Monkey wasn't in to the chicken or salad, but he loved the cheetos!!!  =P  Of course, right?!?

Pointing to the airplane while daddy pulls out the food

Twisty Cheeto Puffs....YUM!

We spent the rest of the afternoon chasing Monkey from the grass to the beach and telling him about everything from the birds in the sky, to the trains passing by, to the cars driving around, to the dogs barking, to the rocks on the beach.  He had a blast!!! 

Running Around

My Boys

Me and my mini man

Mama's Day Hugs

Once it hit about 5pm the wind picked up enough that it was time to head home.  I'm so thankful my boys took the time to treat me to a special day!  Love ya guys!!!

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