Friday, May 7, 2010

Cougar Town

It’s my Wednesday night guilty pleasure. Sure, it’s naughty. But its SOOO funny! I have loved Courteney Cox Arquette ever since she starred on FRIENDS (my favorite character as Monica). I can’t help but laugh uncontrollably whenever I watch this show. Just little things…like the fact that she has named her purse Bessie! SO something I would do! Or the mere speed in which she talks! And to top that off! The clothes are a fashionista’s dream! DREAM I tell ya!!!

Check out this Versace dress from the pilot episode:
Nathaniel’s favorite color, may I add! Currently on sale for just over $600! Totally affordable (I’m being totally sarcastic). And how classy is this dress???

And check out this super slimming style! In love!!!

This is a bad picture, but it was my all-time favorite dress so far!!!

Of course, I about died when Courteney’s character was wearing a burn out Africa shirt! Of course, I can’t find a picture of it anywhere, but I WANT IT!!! =)

And then several weeks ago she wore an adorable short sleeved cardigan that was a pink and white floral – someone please tell me where to find it…it definitely suits my wardrobe!

Wednesday nights. 9:30pm. ABC. Be there or be square.  (This is SO not an ad for the show, I just want others to see why it makes me laugh so much, lol!)

Oh yeah…and be prepared to LAUGH!

Check out this amazing site to view more of Jules Cobb's outrageously - wonderful wardrobe!


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