Friday, May 7, 2010

A Day In The Life

I got this idea from the East family after they posted this. When I saw it on Theresa’s blog, I immediately wanted to give it a go. This will give you guys a glimpse into a normal day at our house, but more importantly, it will be something we, as a family can look back on a year from and laugh. I say “laugh” because some days I think my life is chaotic, and I think looking back a year from now, hopefully with my daughter in my arms, I will know the true meaning of “chaotic”.

So here’s how it goes, I chose a random day, not a day I had things planned, or a day I thought I would look somewhat put-together…I chose the day after I read the blog so that I would remember clearly what a normal day was like. I took pictures every hour and made a journal (via Microsoft Word) of what we did throughout the day.

6:15am – I wake up. Who knows why. The house is silent. I try to go back to sleep. Then I hear the Hubs creep into the bedroom (trying not to wake me) from a long night of work and into bed. We don’t say a word, just snuggle and go back to sleep.

7:30am – Monkey starts talking in bed. I’m sick of his trying to wake up early, so I decide he has to stay in bed until 8am. Meanwhile, I hear construction start outside in the neighbors’ yard. Not a restful sleep at this point.

8:00am – Decide to get up and get Monkey out of bed. I grab a change of clothes and turn the fan on high (to drown out a noisy toddler while daddy sleeps) and close the door silently. I walk in Monkey’s room and he is resting on his back jabbering away. He has one binkie in his mouth, and one in his hand, and both his feet through the slats of his crib. Completely relaxed and NOISY! I notice that one of the binkies broke during the night and throw that one away, then I get him up. When I open the curtains he claps for me (“yay” he says) and then we run out to the dining room. Monkey runs to the sliding glass door to look at the construction going on next door.

I ask him if he’s hungry. He runs to the kitchen as I pull out the fruit loops he says, “Mmm NUM mom. Mom…num! Oh yeeaaahh!” LOL. Then he does a little dance and runs to get his cereal bowl.

8:30 am – Monkey has finished his fruit loops and is splashing in the left over milk, what a mess! I cut up a banana for him to enjoy. He is loving watching the construction at work while he is eating.

Mama, please make sure to take a picture of them!

Mom has finished her cereal and is checking FB while watching Lil Man eat.

Monkey decides playing with his food is more fun, so it’s time to get out.

9:00 – Monkey turns on cartoons. No joke! He runs to make sure I noticed he turned them on and I give him the look. The look that says, “you didn’t ask mommy”. And he GRINS! Since he’s allowed to watch a couple shows I decide he can leave it on for a little bit.

Mommy empties the dishwasher and cleans the kitchen while he watches Handy Manny, and then starts getting ready.

9:30 – Mama gets interrupted in her “getting ready” phase by stinky buns. Oh the joys of motherhood! Straight from styling your hair to poopy diapers!

This little car is our saving grace when it comes to diaper changes.

Then it’s time to change out of the pjs. Monkey chooses his “Noisy” shirt…very fitting if you ask me.
The morning is filled with temper tantrums – someone’s still learning that he can’t always get things his way.

10:00 – Phone calls! Monkey runs around with cars while Mama talks to her mama on the phone. Then we get ready to head outdoors.

Monkey waiting for mama to help with shoes and socks.

Lil Man trying to do it himself.

Outside at last. While Monks runs around, Mama catches up on her emails and then works on adoption grants.

Lil Man picked Mama a flower. Please don’t tell him it’s just a weed…it’s the thought that counts, right? =)

When the weather got nice enough, we took off the sweatshirt and shoes and socks. Monkey ran around barefoot with pure joy!

11:30 – We turn on Little Einsteins to watch while eating our snack – string cheese and watermelon. Yum! While Monks is munching, mama works on the dreaded laundry that is starting to pile up.

12:00 noon – It’s Monkey’s naptime! He turns on his humidifier and his fan (with a smile) and then it’s time for a nap. He needs BOTH binkies, a stuffed animal (today it is “Bobert” the Bunny…funny story about the name, but we’ll leave that for another time) and his fuzzy blankie. Nigh-Night!

Mama works on making some chicken for her salad later today. I struggled with what to do during naptime. I had fundraiser shirts to make. Cleaning to do. It was actually sunny (I know, in Seattle, what?!?!) so I was wanting to go out in the garden. Hmmm… priorities???

1:00 – Just finished my lunch and Bible reading for the day.

I’m did a quick check of emails, and then a 15 minute pick up, and start a load of laundry.

1:30 – Daddy woke up finally. He sat down to have breakfast and watch a movie and mama went outside for some gardening.

2:45 – Monkers woke up from his nap and immediately went outside to play. Daddy started some projects in the house, and mama continued gardening.

3:15 – Our neighbors, Don & Donna come home from work and we chatted for a bit. Nathaniel gave Donna a tour of our house (two years and she’s never been in here?!?). Then Donna showed Lil Man how to turn Diet Coke into a fountain.

Then Donna started blowing bubbles for Monkey to pop. He seemed more scared of them than anything, but thought they looked pretty.

4:00 – Head back inside b/c the wind is picking up. Daddy starts on the window trim while Monkey plays and Mama goes back to gardening.

4:30 – Mama starts working on dinner.

Home-grown, organic beef…..

Fresh cut array of veggies…..

A smidge of pineapple….

….equals one yummy stir fry. Mmmm! Too bad Monks wouldn’t eat it. So it goes with a toddler, right?

5:30 – Mama did dishes and daddy leaves for work. Monkey cried at first, but then I picked him up so he could wave to daddy as he drove away. Yay! Then I chased Monkey around the house and jumped on Dad & Mom’s bed and acted silly.

6:00 – Mama and Monkey went for a walk around the neighborhood. The sun’s still shining!

6:30 – Lil Man played with his farm while Mama blogged about her day a little bit. Then he sat on mama’s lap to read books. Or book, actually, since he wanted to read the same one time and time again.

7:30 – Bathtime…Monkey threw a tantrum and screamed the entire time. After his bath, I covered him in Cetaphil moisturizer, and got him in cozy pjs. Then we sat down to read again until daddy came home to say goodnight.

8:30 – Daddy came to give Lil Man goodnight kisses and hugs. Once he left Monkey snuggled in my arms watching American Idol for a couple minutes. Then it was time to go to sleep. We sang our lullaby, say a prayer, and down he goes.

I spent the rest of my night sewing fundraiser shirts, cleaning, watching tv, and then internet time until I head up for bed between midnight and 1am, sneaking in for a peek (and last pic) of my Lil Man before doing so.


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