Saturday, May 8, 2010

Caring For The Orphans

I have always had a heart for the orphans of the world, so it didn’t come as a big surprise to most when we announced our decision to adopt. When we first met with our social worker she asked about what brought us to the decision and if we had any experience with adoption in our immediate or extended families. We named a few family members who had adopted, and a couple friends…and it surprised me how many people in my life had experience with adoption!  LOL, I thought this was going to be new for our family.  I felt like I was treading in unfamiliar waters.  I guess it's because we didn't talk about it a lot, but I find it comforting that it was never a big deal. 

I know we aren't all called to adopt, but we are called to care for the orphans...

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress
and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
James 1:27

One of the ways in which our family has decided to fulfill that calling is with tithing.  The tithe from our first paycheck goes to the church, and the second goes to support ministries for orphans (and widows).  I wanted to share with you a few that I love...

This ministry is in Zambia, Africa.  The purpose is to educate and equip widows and orphans there with biblical principles and skills training.  Zambia is an area that has been majorly impacted by the AIDS epidemic, and Wiphan is helping turn "hopelessness into hopefulness in Jesus Christ".

You can help support this amazing ministry by sponsoring a child, making a donation, or purchasing some of their shirts and accessories.  I fell in love with these:

You can purchase one for yourself here!

Yes, All God's Children International is our adoption agency.  But they are so much more than that.  They provide support for widows and orphans around the world.  In Ethiopia alone they have their own orphanage, Hannah's Hope, that provides a home for infants, toddlers, and even teenagers while they wait for their forever families.  They also work with other ophanages in Ethiopia as well as provide a daycare for widows and mothers in Ethioia who are working to provide for their family.  Without this daycare, many of these woman would need to give up their children for adoption due to the extreme poverty in the area.

There are two beautiful sisters right now, ages 9 & 14 who are waiting for a home.  AGCI has asked for help to find a forever family for these sweet girls before they are out of the system due to their age.  You can find out more about these girls on my friend's blog here.  These girls deserve a family just like every child out there...could it be you???  If you need more information, please contact me.

AGCI offers mission trips...I know our caseworker is in Taiwan right now opening a Hannah's Hope there.  You can also ask AGCI to come speak at your church to share with the congregation how they can be a voice for the orphans.  You can also support AGCI by sponsoring one of their Hannah's Hope around the world or by purchasing shits or totes from them.  To find out more, please click here.

To watch some of their videos and learn more click here.

Adoption Fundraisers

Even though we are fundraising ourselves, we put some of othe money to help other families who are trying to adopt as well.  Every child deserves a home...

Here are a few I love...

I recently won one of these hair bows on Sharon's giveaway and I LOVE it!!!  The picture doesn't do it justice, its just too cute!  I think this is a must for every Ethiopian Princess!  Especially since the money goes to bring home her daughter Lily.  Please check out her site today at

A sweet local friend of mine is selling some amazing shirts to bring home their cuties from Ethiopia.  I love the thought of there being one less orphan in the world...because the only way you can help is one at a time.  You can purchase one here at
****I was just informed they have discontinued selling their shirts, but check out their blog anyway - GREAT family and GREAT friends!****

The much-talked-about JunkPosse designs some pretty incredible jewelry to help support another adoptive family.  She will happily customize one especialy for you - talk about an amazing Mother's Day Gift!!!  (One day left guys...)  Visit JunkPosse's Etsy site here.

Of course you can always feel free to check out our fundraiser as well!  =)


Sharon said...

Thanks girl!!! I can't wait to get my t-shirt and I can't WAIT to start seeing pictures of my bows actually ON some ET princesses!!!

Laura said...

This is too funny - Sharon is going through Holt like us and is waiting to travel just like us :) We've chatted through the message boards...funny that you've "met" her too! Her & I have a lot in common...3 little boys and now A GIRL!!!