Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Is HERE At Last!

Excuse my lack of posts.  That is called the result of a bad mood...or a series of bad moods.  The weather (or lack-there-of) here in Washington has finally got to me.  We've pretty much been a steady 50-60 degrees since January.  JANUARY!  You think I'm kidding?  Guess again girlfriend!  Overcast, drizzly, grey, and blah - that is how you describe our weather here in Seattle(ish). 

Well this week, it has finally turned around.  Of course, we can't know for sure that it will last...but in Seattle, you enjoy it while you can.  The last THREE days have been mid-seventy, beautiful, sunny days.  Sunny enough, that I have finally had an opportunity to break out the bathing suit!  Sunny enough to actually require shorts!  Not that I have any (that fit).  Sunny enough for the kiddie pool and the sprinkler!  OH.  HAPPY.  DAY!  =)

So I think it goes without saying that there have been a plethora of pictures in the last three days.  This may bore you who live in beautiful, sunny states on a constant basis...but this is CELEBRATION time in Washington.  So bear with me - and oogle over my adorable baby boy ( he's NOT a baby...can you please stop reminding me?).

See?  Sunshine!

That's the most of the bathing suit you're getting, sorry.

This one's for you Katie!!!

Someone has becomed quite the little dare devil lately!

Time for the water works!

Testing the waters with daddy.

Haha!  GOTCHA!!!

Planning his next hit.

Love daddy's expression here - just got hit in the face by his boy!

"Warming up" in the pool (which was REALLY cold)!

Oh summer - how we love thee!!!


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