Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rapidly Approaching Important Appointment

We've been waiting for a piece of mail for quite sometime, so it was no surprise when we found an envelope in our hands from the U.S. Customs and Immigrations Services.  What was surprising however, was to find THREE envelopes from the U.S. Customs and Immigrations Services!  I was a little concerned as to what that meant.  Talk about a waste of postage!  One was describing what we needed at our appointment and then there was a letter to each of us with our appointment date and time on it - the SAME date and time, thankfully.  We've heard of many families who are scheduled for separate dates and that worried me some.  There is no way I'm headed there by myself with Monkey for a fingerprinting appointment! 

So we're scheduled for the 22nd.  I know, next week!  Thankfully, my husband already has the day off.  My fear was that we had a mandatory appointment coming up that he would be working on that day.  Again, God had his fingerprints all over this! 

And what exactly is this appointment?  We are getting fingerprints done for USCIS (customs and immigrations).  Yes, we have already had our fingerprints and criminal records done.  For the city.  For the state.  For the FBI.  Why do we need one more set?  Who knows!  What we want to know is why we have to pay almost $1,000 to get it done?!?!  Ridiculous if you ask us...but once again, anything for our baby girl.

One last thing to get out of the way.  After this is smooth waiting.  Well, waiting at least.   


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

One step closer!!!!

Darcee said...

Yahoooooooooo Megan, so glad you have your appointment on the calendar. We just sent ours out this week. :) will feel good to check this one of your to do list! Yeah!

Lauren said...

another step toward your daughter!! SO exciting! :)