Thursday, June 3, 2010


We experienced two birthday celebrations this week.  Not within our family, but for close friends of ours.

The first birthday was literally a birth-day.  Baby Hannah was finally welcomed into the world!  We visited her sweet parents at the hospital, and were thrilled to see her big sister Elise there as well!  We're so thrilled to see this family of FOUR together and in love!

Sweet Baby Hannah

The Hubs stole a quick moment with little Hannah...

But it wasn't long before I swept her into my arms.  I am SUCH a baby person! 

Can't wait to finally be holding MY sweet girl! 
Monkey hardly seemed interested.  He did discover some wheels to distract himself with though!  =P

Congratulations James' family! 
We are thrilled for you and thrilled to celebate with you!!!

The other birthday we had the honor to celebrate was my friend's little boy Jayce, who just turned THREE!!!  I feel like it was yesterday he was born...

Unfortunately, I don't think I even got a clear picture of the birthday boy.  My only excuse was being distracted by  the excited face of my little Monkey.  The party took place at PUMP IT UP nearby.  This kid was in AWE! 

The first time daddy took him down the huge slide, his face just looked shocked.  But as soon as Lil Man got down he wanted to go again and again.  (Parents of energetic kids, this is a great way to WEAR YOUR KIDS OUT before naptime!)

*NOTE* The only way to keep Monkey somewhat still was with a car.  So much for the group shot!  LOL!

Happy 3rd Birthday Jayce!!!
And thanks for the invite!  Monkey had a BLAST!


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