Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Court Update

Oh man...these adoption changes are starting to drive me bonkers.  But I know that's just the devil trying to get me down.  So I am CHOOSING to stay possitive about this.  I can't really see the bright side to this new information right now, but I'm choosing to celebrate in God's perfect timing anyway.

You already know that there is a two trip policy put into practice for all Ethiopian adoptions.  What we recently learned is that there will now be two court dates as well.  The first will be for the birthparents (or whoever relinquished the child) to appear before the judge and give their testimony and relinquish the child.  The second will be the one we need to be present for to accept the referral.  This does seem to be just another step that will delay things.  As you can see, if for some reason the birthparents are unable to appear at the court date and that gets delayed, that would delay our travel as well.  The only reason I could see for the two separate court dates is so that the birthparents and adoptive parents would not meet until everything is legal.  I can only hope that the court changes their minds on this before its our turn...or that things start dramatically speeding up.  From what I read and hear from other adoptive mamas, the time between receiving the referral and taking your child home is the absolute hardest.  I don't understand why this is continuing to get delayed and more complicated. 

Please pray for all Ethiopian adoptions and for prospective adoptive parents in the journey right now.  This is just a difficult time with a lot of unknowns.  We are all just waiting for things to play out in God's perfect time.


Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

Oh Megan...sorry to hear about all the changes...we pray your process goes smoothly from here on out...keep a positive attitude...you keep me moving through this process too :)

Laurie said...

It's frustrating for sure. Let's hope they get all this red-tape straightened out by the time you receive your referral. That's the bright side, that's the positive to take away...