Monday, June 28, 2010

Waiting...In More Ways Than One

I know you guys all are anxious for another adoption update...but in all honesty its just a lot of waiting at this point.  You all know by now that we are on the waitlist (officially #38, but we know of two referrals since we got that update).  It may seem to some of you that thigns have slowed down b/c I'm not posting about the adoption as much, but in fact we are getting closer and closer every day.  Again, its just a lot of waiting.

The other thing we are waiting on is our FDL (Favorable Determination Letter from USCIS).  Last Tuesday we drove to Tukwila/Seattle area and got our fingerprints done for immigration.  From the moment we arrived to getting back in our car was about an hour.  Probably would have seemed completely normal for a visit of that nature if we weren't hauling around an overly-tired toddler who was past nap time and running a fever and hungry in a room where food wasn't allowed (I snuck in some raisins and string cheese without drawing any attention to myself though...SHHH!  Don't tell!).  It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but not the worst either.  The number system was EXTREMELY disorganized, but once we each got to our fingerprint techs we had smiles on our faces.  I swear that the girl who did mine could be my BFF if we lived closer...she was hilarious!  She even commented on my husband's WIPHAN shirt he was wearing.  AWESOME!  I wish I could take her out for a cup of coffee and chat more, but in all honesty...I forgot to ask her name!!! (tsk, tsk!) 

Here is the three of us, so happy to be done!!! 
And BONUS: the sun is shining!!!

So waiting to get our FDL...then waiting for our referral (that sounds so technical....waiting to find out about our DAUGHTER!)!!  SO ready...  Lord PLEASE give me some money so I can work on distracting myself by finishing our new bedroom and decorating the kids rooms!  =)



Sara said...

The waiting seems crazy, but knowing His timing is perfect brings peace.

Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a delightful spot to slip off my shoes and drench myself in goodness.


Sara said...

Thanks for doing the happy dance with me. Be curious no more ... I found your blog via Ethiopia adoptions as we too were in the process at one time. Sometimes, when I have a spare minute, I like to hop onto new blogs and encourage them. WHen I find one that makes me smile, I leave a little note. Your blog is simply filled with sweetness and even though I know you are in the waiting process, hope bubbles from your page.

happy day,