Thursday, June 10, 2010

Toddler Talk

I just had the funniest dialogue with my son.  If I haven't mentioned it before, his language skills have kind of exploded this month.  A few weeks ago I was (no joke) seriously stressing over has lack of vocalizing.  And now we are having full on conversations.  I am still in awe.

So I was just sitting on the computer updating FB (what every productive mom does, right?) when Monkey came up to me and grabbed my hand, attempting to literally drag me out of the chair.  I easily complied.  He led me into my bedroom and reached up for the bed, his way of asking to be on it.  So I picked him up and he instantly melted onto my satin pillow and patted the mattress.  You know...that, "right here mama, that's where you should lay" look in his eye.  So I lay down next to him.  He sits up abruptly and points to the fan and says, "this on?"  I ask him if he wants me to turn the fan on.  "Yesss." he answers.  So I turnt he fan on.  As soon as I lay down he points to the fan again and says, "um, turn this off".  I ask Lil Man if he can say please.  He gets frustrated (because he doesn't know how).  So I comply and turn the fan off and he instructs me to lay down again.  Then he climbs off the bed and says in the sweetest little lullaby voice, "okay nigh nigh!" as he creeps out of my room and closes the door.  I hear his sweet little voice again from the other side of the door saying, "nigh nigh" in a sing song voice.  Awww!!! 

So what do I do?  I pick up the phone to call Grandma and tell her how cute her grandson is.  Monkey immediately hears me dialing and runs in pointing to the phone and asks, "is that dad?"  "No, its grandma" I answer.  "Okay, nigh nigh!" he says in his sing song voice again creeping out of the room.  Too cute, right?!? =)

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