Friday, August 9, 2013

Sassy Saturday

Our jam-packed Saturday schedule had us running from one place another this past weekend.  By the time our head hit our pillows we were just completely exhausted - but OH it was SO much fun!!!  You know that kind of day, right?

If you haven't already put together the pieces, I should inform you that we don't live near our parents.  I mean, we don't live across the country either...but it's a good two hour drive so we want to have a really good reason to make the trip (besides, you know, just saying "hi").  Well Saturday was one of those days.

Every year, my MIL's work throws a company picnic, like I think a lot of places do.  But this is no ordinary potluck they do.  This is one of those all day, beer on tap, meat on the bbq (all ten of them), bouncy house, train ride, petting zoo, face painting type of picnics.  You know, the kind you drive two hours for and don't bat an eye.  So yes, we make a habit of attending this thing, along with the rest of the family.  It's well worth our time, that's for sure.  The kids have a blast and are WORN OUT by the time evening hits (hehehe --> my maniacal laugh).

This is my favorite summer sweater, BTW!!! =)

Excuse the critters =)  Just didn't want to show these kiddos b/c I don't know who they are!

But as if that wasn't a good enough reason, my graduating class (2003 baby!) was celebrating our 10 reunion.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to drop the kid's off at grandma's and dress up for a kid-free night out.  It was wonderful to see so many friends that I haven't seen in YEARS and catch up and reminisce!  It helped that hubby and attended the same high school, so even though he's two years older than me he still knew several of my classmates.

Of course I was the lame girl who forgot to take pictures practically the whole night, so this is all I really got.  =(  SAD!  I didn't even take a good pic of my new dress for y'all!  Boo.  However, there was a photo booth there so I'm HOPING those pictures will be posted on Facebook soon so that I can have some keepsakes of the night.  Regardless it was still fabulous!


Sweater: Nordstrom Rack
Dress: Urban Outfitters (Here)

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