Saturday, September 25, 2010


Wake up to talking on the baby monitor.
Roll over.
Husband nudges you to tell the Lil Man is awake.

...I am not a morning person.

When I hear the first whine I get up.
Open the door to the nursery.
"Hi Mama!!!"
I love this boy.
Rub my eyes.
Hug my Lil Man.
Here we go!

It's not that I don't LOVE being home with my Lil Man.  Because I really, honestly, truly do!  But...

I do the dishes, only to get them dirty again.  I do the laundry, only for them to need to be washed again.  I change the diaper, only for it to be changed again.  I vacuum the floor, only to find another pile of crumbs.  I get the groceries, only to forget the one thing I really needed.  There's a never ending "to do" list piling up and sometimes I just get overwhelmed and give up!

Fortunately on days like that, I have my wonderful husband to remind me how much he loves me, and what a great mother HE thinks I am.  I love you hunny bunny! =)



"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Being a mom is the best, but lots of work. Good thing we have awesome husbands!

erica said...

I read once that if a stay-at-home mom was to get paid for her services, including child care, laundry duty, cooking, cleaning, etc, her salary would be about $130,000 a year. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this when I have just spent all day cleaning the house, and five minutes after the kids get home from school, it doesn't look like I did anything! But our jobs are important, even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes!

Anonymous said...

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