Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cousin Playdate....AND...The Story Behind "One Less"

As many of you may know, my dad was in the hospital last week with pancreatitus.  Once was enough, thankyouverymuch.  I had been through enough tears and thought about my worst fears...I was not prepared to go through that again (as we never are).  Fortunately, this was a milder case of it.  He is home now (hopefully resting) and doing much better than he was last week at this time.  Next week he has a scan....and this will sound funny, but we are hoping there is a kink in the back of his pancreas (they have already done several thorough scans of the front) because that would be something correctable by surgery.  Otherwise they fear that he may just be one of the few that goes through this every couple years.  That is not news any of us want to hear.

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping him (and all of us) in your prayers.  We are hopeful for a cure to this.

WHILE my dad was drowsy from the ohlooktheyfinallykickedin medication, us siblings were trying to distract our tots.  And since we ALL had colds (or the kids at least) we had to keep them away from the hospital.  So after all taking turns spending time with dad, we all re-grouped at my parent's house for a little cousin playdate (don't worry, while we were there we did the dishes, made cookies and jello for my dad {well...cookies for my mom and brother}, watered the flowers, hung the laundry, and left it in better shape than when we showed up).  Thought you'd all like to see some sweet pictures of the kiddos.  If not...well?  Scroll down a little more to see an amazing video and adoption story....OR...feel free to check back again tomorrow! =)

Maleah and my Monkey...why does he look like he's gonna cry?!?

Isn't she gorgeous???

Yep, cold.  See the puffy eyes and red nose?  Poor boy.

"Hey Maleah, you want to play cars with me" - Monks
"Nah, I'll just stay here with my mommy." - Maleah

"My uncle is sure desparate for a laugh...hehee....what a nerd!"
Seriously, Hubs was doing EVERYTHING to get a smile for the camera, but she only let loose once I tucked the good 'ole camera away in my purse.

Yeah....can anyone see a crash course in SHARING in the near future for Monkey?? =D
You can read all about Maleah's adoption journey (and the rest of her adorable family....not at ALL biased here ;) at

ALSO....wanted to share with dear bloggy-friend Andrea over at Babe of my Heart shared this beautiful song and story on FB and I couldn't help but share it with you all as well.  It is such a beautiful description of the calling God has for the church...

{please pause the music at the bottom of my blog before playing}

One Less by Matthew West (The Story Behind The Song) from emicmg on Vimeo.
Have a blessed day everyone!!!


Alison said...

Cute pics! Hope that your Dad is doing better! I posted this video on my blog last night too! I love it! Was in tears as I watched it!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Awww, I'm sad that we missed family playtime!