Friday, September 17, 2010

Craft Therapy

I was in some major need for craft therapy this week.  And no, not because my toddler was a terror...because even though he is a busy little Monkey, that is rarely the case.  And no, not because I'm stressed out.  Even though our finances are causing some reason for worry right now, that was not the cause of my much-needed craft therapy.  Those are all great reasons to put some craft therapy in your life, but in fact, the reason I did need some craft therapy was because I needed SOMETHING to help me feel just a little bit closer to my Lil Miss.  Since finances aren't allowing much work on the nursery, I had to find some inexpensive projects to prepare for her much-anticipated arrival.  After all, at more than a year into this adoption journey so far, I'm beginning to wonder if that day will ever come that I am holding my sweet girl in my arms and gazing into her chocolatey brown eyes. 

So here's a glimpse at what is keeping my sanity right now =)

I LOVE it!  It was everything and more that I had in my vision.  I still have some finishing touches I would like to moving it into a girly and PINK nursery would sure help!  Of course, rocking my baby girl to sleelp would REALLY be a cure...right there folks!  But...that's not going to happen anytime soon.  At least I can rest assured that it WILL...someday. 



Alison said...

Oh, I LOVE the rocking chair!! You did a great job! Can't even imagine how hard it is going to be to wait so long! I know our number will be at least in the 90's!! We are going to be waiting for awhile!! :)

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

I love it what a great use of an old item & little amounts of money...we must think alike!!

Kelly Jo said...

Great job on the rocking chair...very cute!! Some day soon you are going to be rocking your little girl in that chair and thinking how worth it the HARD wait was. Hang in there...praying for some referrals!! :)

4 Blessings said...

You did a great job!
Love it!

Darcee said...

♥ LOVE ♥ it Megan!!! It turned out SO good! :) You are one crafty lil chicka!!! Can't wait to see PICS of you rocking you sweetie!! XOXO