Thursday, September 16, 2010

He's a CAR Man!

...and no I'm NOT just talkin' about my hubby, although that is very true!

When we were trying to come up with a theme for Lil' Man's birthday party this year, we were bouncing around his interests...  Music/Rocker was one idea I had, but I had no ideas for decor or anything beyond that theme.  Cars (in general, not the movie) was what we kept coming back to.  Cars are BOTH my boys' love (besides loving ME of course =).  At almost any point during the day you'll either find Monkey leaning against the couch (or laying on the floor) parking all his little matchbox cars and then crashing them.  OR anywhere we go he is TALKING about cars (although it sounds like "guy" but with a "c"  But doing a car theme in general just boring...or maybe just too predictable, I'm not sure.  (And Cars the movie was out because one: he hadn't seen it yet and two: no offense to families who choose this, but movie themes seem too common to me....but ask me again when Monkey is seven and choosing his own parties ;)

But there was a common denominator in all of this.  Whenever Monkey is playing "car crash", Mr. Policecar is there to save the day.  Whenever Monkey is talking about cars, he always reminds us what a police car sounds like! change it up from the normal/common/predictable two-year-old car theme, we are doing a POLICE Car theme.  I tell ya....Lil' Man sure gets excited anytime he gets a glimpse of the decorations! ;)  Curious yet?  Here's a sneak peek at the birthday party decor for our ALMOST two-year-old!!!

Wait....what?!?  Its hard to see???  Hmm....

Wait....that's just a glimpse of the birthday boy! =) 

Sorry...that's all you get for now peoples!!!  The decorating has just begun and Oooohhh....we're gettin' excited here foks!!! =)  Party's on'll just have to be patient! =)


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