Friday, September 24, 2010

Fried Chicken & Mashed Potatoes

After MAKING food for a house full of party guests, our good friend Jodi thought it was due time someone whipped something up for US!  ....I'm sure that was the thought process behind our "Fried Chicken & Mashed Potato" date, don't you???  Hmmm....either that or she was drooling over my hubby's famous mashed potatoes (And by "famous"...I mean the talk of the town.  And by "town" I mean our church.  And by "church" I mean our circle of friends)...I don't think we'll ever know! ;)

Here's Jodi with my hubs...doin' what they do in the kitchen.

Backstory: you know BEFORE we had kids?  (I know that's hard to remember)  Before we had kids my hubs was the one who owned the kitchen.  Although taking over that role has been a HUGE change for me, my hubs will tell you that (for the most part) he's glad I have.  But mashed potatoes?  NO ONE does 'em like my hubby does!

Fried chicken....YUM!  I'm not sure its a good thing that Jodi showed me how she makes this "trailer trash food" as she called it =)  My diet is NOT going to like me for this one.

Corn....all buttered and seasoned, ready to go on the grill. don't matter if it rains!  If we wanna grill, we just take out our umbrella!  BUAHAHAHAHA!  Like anyone in Seattle actually OWNS an umbrella! =)  Nah...we stand in the rain.  Well, not in our case....see?  THAT'S the point of a covered deck!

Jodi's husband Shaun makin' himself comfortable, cheering on the Bronco's!  And sweet Ryanne snugglin' in her bouncer!  (Gotta love the life of those sweet babes...)

The girl's "craft table" (+ Lil Man made himself at home)!  Jod's is working on a basket for our church's annual auction while I'm whippin' up some hairbows for her little sweetie!  See the pile of them there???  Yeah, had to give her some options.  But don't worry....the rest will be listed on our fundraising blog SOON for YOU to choose from (!!!

Monk's doing HIS crafts...some bootiful artwork for my fridge ( I don't hang artwork on my fridge...but ONE DAY I'll have a playroom for just that kind of thing!!)!!

Bored of the girls and their crafts....sneaking some leftover party candy (Siren Pops - whoowhoo!) before heading back to the football room...
Does he look guilty or WHAT?!?

Full bellies make for GREAT relaxin' time! 
LOVE this Lil Man!


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Kelly Jo said...

Looks like y'all had a fun evening...that food looks YUMMY!! And yes, Monkey is looking awfully guilty!! ;)