Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Change of Pace

I have to admit, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

I've been receiving a few emails about feeling extra depressed about the lack of movement on "The List" this month.  I hear ya!  I'm there with ya!  This month has been a hard month for me too!  In fact, just last week hubby came home from work and literally asked me, "Are you all right?  What is wrong with you?"

Adoption is definitely a roller coaster of emotions, as you all know even by following my blog.  I KNOW God's timing will BLOW me away with how perfect it is, but for right now, this wait is HARD.

However, I am having a better week this week.  So what did I do to force myself out of this depressive slump?

1. I spent a spontaneous day at the zoo with some friends.  Guaranteed pick-me-up!!!
2. I'm marking the end of the Summer by bringing out Fall decor....one season closer folks!
3. Change in normal menu...we've been trying some new recipes around here to switch things up.  BBQ Chicken Pizza, made up casseroles....and even though Pasta Fagioli isn't a new one....its a Fall/Winter recipe....so its something we haven't made it a loooong time.
4. I cleansed my closet.  Cleaned out what I don't wear.  Created new outfits from what already exists.  Re-organized...
5. I changed my hair.  Maybe this is the "Hair Designer" in me, but changing the reflection I see in the mirror every day always helps!  Give it a whirl!

Are you losing your mind over this long wait ahead?  Can you not seem to get ahold of your emotions?  Try some of these tricks, and let me know how it works for you.  But above all, don't forget to PRAY and ASK for prayer.  God hears you friend!  Remember, He once pursued YOU (and me) to adopt us into HIS family.  He not only hears your cry, but He knows your heart and feels your pain.  Let Him be a part of this season with you.



Lauren said...

yup - I'm right there with you!! The past few months have been SOOOO hard! I am thrilled that court opens up in a couple more weeks and I'm really praying for lots of movement then!
Great tips! :)

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

Megan thanks so much that is much needed b/c everyday I wonder when it's going to be our turn...but relying on God's timing & knowing he already has a child choosen will get me through these days!!

Lauren said...

Last year at this time I was feeling the same exact way (we received our referral on Sept 28). It's amazing how in one year I can feel so differently. This time is rough but I promise in no time your life will be sooooo different. Hang on, girl! Keep trying to keep busy.

Amy said...

I definitely remember this stage of the process. Waiting is so soooo hard and I did have to survive off of distractions and keeping myself busy. The wonderful thing is that it does eventually pass and your little one will be home soon :)