Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby Love

We talk about our Lil Miss all. the. time. around here.  Monkey has his little dolly that he calls "baby sister" and pushes her around in a hot pink princess stroller (yes, I DO realize Monkey is a boy...but it was FREE, okay?).  Occasionally he'll purposely topple the whole thing over, throw his arms in the air and yell out "Uh-oh!  Uh-oh mama!!!"  (Don't worry...that won't be happening once she's home! =)  He carries her around and gives her hugs and kisses and even has a little nickname for her he can barely say, so cute!

Well, the other day Monks was helping me empty the dishwasher...putting away the tupperware and lids (which isn't REALLY help because then I have to go back and organize them...but its PRINCIPLE people!) and he opened the wrong drawer!  The bottle drawer.  Well, Monkey only had like four bottles in his LIFE so he wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  Teething as he was (darn two year molars, ugh) he shoved that nipple into the back of his mouth and starting biting down.  ChOmP cHoMp!

Mama: That's not for Monkey, that's for babies!

Lil Man pretty much shrugged, put it back, continued with the dishes, and then went back to the bottle drawer again.  He was playing nicely with the bottles, however, so I shrugged and went back to my dishwasher. 

That's when it became quiet.  A little too quiet, you know what I mean?!?  I turn around and the bottle drawer is left open (NOT like Monkey, he's the one who follows me around the kitchen and CLOSES every drawer and cupboard I forgot about) but HE is no where to be found.  I call for him - nothing.

Then I see a little blonde head over the back of the chaise in our living room.  I tip-toe in his direction and peek around to find my heart in a puddle on the floor....

{she's cradled}

{she's loved}

{he's shy}

{there's smooches}

Be still my beating heart...this child MELTS me!  Can't wait to see the REAL interactions between Lil Man and Lil Miss!!!



3childrenbyfaith said...

Aww that's just precious :)

Jenny said...


Lauren said...

oh my gosh!! That is the most precious thing ever! How SWEET!!!!

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

What a cutie...that melts my heart too! He is going to be a great big brother :)

Alison said...

Oh my goodness, that is just the cutest thing ever! He is going to take such good care of his baby sister! Precious!

J Ouellette Family said...

quite possibly the sweetest thing EVER! <3