Friday, July 2, 2010



We failed to come up with the money to finish the project we started.  I know, big surprise huh.

Many of you may have noticed my FB status yesterday.  I was having an extremely hard day, and I'm a tad embarrassed to say that a lot of it was due to my lack of surprise FOR today.  I know, big deal right.  I promise though, it wasn't so much for you as it was for me...or my son actually.

We have started a new project in our yard.  It was an idea my mom had to fill in empty space in the corner.  The best part about it so far is that we have been able to use ALL recycled products!  But the finishing step is what's going to cost us.  Oh dear...

Well, here's our project so far...can you guess what it is???

You CAN'T??? 
(Notice Monks in his blanket...twas NOT that warm for a summer day...or even a spring day!) about now?


Aww, that's better!  A SANDBOX!!!!
Monkey will have SO much fun once this thing's finished!

So after the next layer of wood and leveling it all out, the expensive part is the sand.  If anyone has any cheap ideas for that, my ears are open!  Very bummed about not being able to finish it.  :(

So to cheer myself up after a not-as-productive-as-one-had-hoped day, Annika treated me to a day at Country Village.  She called me up and said, "time to get out of the house Miss Crabby Pants!"  Seriously - she said that!  =)  Only Annika can get away with such words.  Anyone else would have offended me, but not Annika!  Thanks girlfriend for forcing me to get over myself and having some fun.  It was a great day...and a great playdate for the lovebirds! ;)

Seriously - these two spent most of the day holding hands and kissing!  Love it =)


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Skellyvision said...

Yay for good friends been there when you need them!