Monday, July 19, 2010

Holding Maleah!

I had a busy GO-GO-GO weekend that I am SO excited to share with you...but while you wait, I wanted to share with you some pictures of the first time I got to hold my niece (which after 6 weeks home and fully attatching to her parents, was this weekend).  Enjoy the cuteness (which is fully from Maleah and not from me, as you will see!)!!!

Mama's still close...right?!?
The squinty face that cracks us all up!
You're silly Auntie Mimi!
She's the PRO at waving!
My personal fave
You're squishing me Auntie Mimi!
And I had to show you that gorgeous smile!

Betcha couldn't tell I'm excited AT ALL, could you?!?  ;)



Sharon said...

SO cute!! How old is she?

4 Blessings said...

She is ADORABLE! So happy you got to hold her and she got some lovin' from you. She is precious.