Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July NUMBER!!!

Our caseworker, Kiersten called with our official July number today... 

I know that doesn't seem like a whole lot of movement from last month, but when I asked her if there were any referrals in the process she told me that she could say with confidence that our number would be different next month!  With the three referrals that we know of on the listserv, that number is really more like 32.


Slowly but surely!  I spent a long time with Kiersten on the phone...which I feel kind of bad about, but not that bad because I haven't talked to her in almost two months and she is leaving soon for Ethiopia.  My heart needed to hear some honesty.  I asked her, "is there any possibility that we could have our daughter home before the end of the year, or do I need to get that thought out of my mind?"  As you know, our goal from the beginning was for our princess to be home in 2010, but with all the changes in the court process and the increased number of families on the list...that is seeming less and less like a possibility.  Kiersten replied that she wouldn't rule out anything, but the reality is that the waitlist is close to 10 months, so most likely we wouldn't be HOME with our daughter until early spring 2011.  *Sigh* 

I also asked if she could give us any better of an idea of the timeframe AFTER referral.  She said that the court process actually seems to have somewhat of a system to it now that its been a couple months since all the changes, and that we could expect anywhere from 2-5 months (rather than the 2-3 months it was before the two-trip policy) from time of referral to our first trip.  Then another 4-8 weeks until bringing her home.  *Sigh* 

I am asking God to show me the positive in this delayed time frame and to help me keep my spirits up.  The fact of the matter is, His timing IS perfect!  He knows exactly what our family needs and exactly what our hearts need!  And through the wait and the pain, He is teaching me to completely rely on Him.  I'm not saying it won't be hard...because we all know I have had my ups and downs emotionally.  But I trust God's plan for our family and I want to choose joy during this wait. 

We would, of course, appreciate your prayers! =)


Amy said...

You are moving right along! Something I have noticed about Kiersten - she always wants to give worst case scenario. Obviously be realistic but don't lose hope that your little girl could be home sooner :)

Nordstroms said...

We're waiting with you - also knowing that there is good in the two trip policy that we cannot see. Thankful that God is ultimately in control. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Karen and Chris Smith said...

Be encouraged. The wait is long now. But the road is worth it. And enjoy this time with Jesus while waiting. He will draw you to Him in a special way. Praying for you and your family! Karen Smith

Alison said...

Glad that ya'll are moving forward! I can't even imagine how the wait must feel once you are on the list...I feel like we are waiting forever just getting through all the paperwork! Praying for lots of patience and that God would show us what He wants to teach us during the waiting!

Brandon and Kari Mulder said...

Oh Megan...sorry to hear about the delay...I know how you feel - although our delay right now was just computer issues...hopefully it moves quicker than planned but as everyone keeps telling me all in God's timing not ours...Prayers!!

Eastiopians said...

YAY to #32!!!!