Friday, July 30, 2010

I LOVE Making Memories!

Last weekend we made wonderful family memories camping.  I know that some of you immediately cringe at the thought of camping...but let me explain!  Tent trailer, bathrooms/showers in walking distance, full electrical hook up, mini stove in trailer, outdoor grill, walk out the trailer door to the beach...  Doesn't sound too bad, does it?!? 

So not only did the three of us have a great time, but we had a great time with my parents, my siblings (most, at least), and lots of friends....some were even strangers!  This annual camping event is put on my (see if you can follow this...) my brother's wife's parents (ok that wasn't that hard =) and called "Church Camp".  I don't know if it origionally started (23 or 24 years ago) with a church group...but its pretty fun.  But you probably don't want ME to do the I'll let the pictures take over!! =)

Monkey and Lil Chick

Me and my sweet niece, Lil Chick =)


Such a BOY!  He WOULD have to find the mudpit!  At least he likes being cleaned off...right!?!  NOT!

Monkey's favorite way to COOL OFF!

I KNOOOOW I promised not to show any bikini pics...but I didn't think Gabby would mind.  PLUS...she looks just too cute NOT to show off!  =)

Yummy baby burgers...minus the meat!

Grandma's special kiddo camping chair!

The UBER-hilarious duckies!

Ice Cream Social - woohoo!!!

Bedtime for Lil Man!

I love my brother! =)

Exploring Winthrop...with a squirt gun, of course!


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Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Awesome pics Megs! Love em :) SO glad you guys could come this year! So, verdict, are you now an annual church camp attendee???