Thursday, July 1, 2010

ECLIPSE...and Surprise Status! you probably know, last night was our date night.  Our first date night since November, when the last Twilight movie, New Moon, came into theatres.  As you can see, it takes a lot to get me out of the house and away from my boy.  And even more to pay a babysitter.  Fortunately for us, we still had a free night of babysitting that we won from our church's Taco Talent Night & Auction from last October.  Score

So yes, I was one of those crazy fans who purchased Eclipse tickets well before opening night...except to avoid fanatic screeching teens, we opted to go to the local Cinebarre (drinks + dinner + movie = GREAT time...not that I alcohol for us ;) at 4pm.  Not only was there actually parking available at the theatre, but we got amazing seats with no one next to us - double score

The movie - amazing!  You should (and probably already do) understand that first and foremost I'm a huge fan of the books.  Incredible - nothing compares to those, for sure!  But I have enjoyed each movie so far, no matter how cheesey others claim they are.  Since even the non-fans have claimed this movie was great, it should be no surprise that I loved it!  As with anyone who really loves the books, its always a little frustrating, although completely understandable that they have to alter the storyline a tiny bit.  But I feel that they probably altered Eclipse LESS than the other movies so far, so I was thrilled about that.  And with the last two I left thinking, I wish they would have included this scene...but not so with Eclipse.  ALL my favorite parts of the book were in the movie, including this scene....

=P LOL!  Gotta love a love triangle, right?!? 

Speaking of the love triangle, my only real disappointment was that I think they tamed down Jacob's mean-ness a lot more than Edwards...and being 100% Team Edward, that bugged me a little (JUST a little though, I promise...and that was after-the-fact).  But that's probably because I have a Team Jacob hubby on my hands who I am trying to convert.  I still haven't asked him what he thought wise...after Eclipse.  Beause I was convinced that Eclipse would convert him to Team Edward, where he belongs. =) was a hit, definately go see it! 

As for the shirt I made???  Here's a close-up of the front....

And the back is my favorite, so I had to show that (even if this picture is SUPER unflattering)...

Thanks again J for babysitting!  We appreciated the getaway, and Monkey had a great time!  You must have kept him a busy bee because he was begging for bedtime last night!

Status update on the surprise - I suppose I should have mentioned that the surprise is all dependent on the weather....which SO FAR isn't looking so hot for the first day of July.  However, the forecast did mention the possibility of a nice afternoon.  So...MAYBE you'll have a surprise tomorrow!  ;)  If not, next week...  Sorry to keep you hangin'!!!


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Eastiopians said...

Haven't seen the movie yet (also Team Edward girl :)) but I loved seeing these clips! Can't wait. Your shirt is awesome. :)