Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seattle AGCI/Ethiopia Group Potluck

Today, we celebrated multi-cultural families with our Seattle AGCI/Ethiopia Group Potluck!!!

***Disclaimer: I'm STILL learning names...I tried my best...please correct me if I got some wrong.  There were a LOT of new people to meet =)***

There was GREAT food...

GREAT families...

Good-lookin' kiddos...

Jack and Janice with Shannon and her crew!!!
(Love those "Adoption Rocks" tshirts like I do??? 
Purchase one on Shannon's blog and support their adoption!)

Shannon - It was so wonderful to finally meet you and your wonderful family!  You're just as wonderful as you seem in the blogsphere!  ;)  Looking forward to many more memory-making get togethers!

It was sooo fun to meet new people and put names to faces!

It was even funnier to have people know me from my blog!

Naomi and Amber with their little cuties!

Thank you ladies for joining us today...I had SO much fun talking with both of you!

Thank you LORD for a beautiful day!!!

Darcee brought these baby grapes for the little ones...Monkey was IN LOVE!

Darc - you are a woman after my own heart with such a love for food!  Not to mention you and my hub's sense of humor could keep me laughing for days (not to mention the both of YOU)!  I have so enjoyed getting to know you and your family and I'm excited for girls close in age (probably).

Oh. My. Word.  Good food!

Loved this conversation....Arvin and Janice were exchanging stories about Hannah's Hope while Justin and Niki soaked up the information and gathered tips (they are next in line for a referral in our group and #7 on the boy's list - woot woot!!)!

Niki - I have loved getting to know you more and more through the last few months and your heart for adoption is inspiring!  Thank you for becoming such a wonderful part of our lives.  I am so excited to celebrate WITH you on this next leg of your journey...I get tears just thinking about the excitement to come!  Like you said, next get together is a REFERRAL celebration! =)

HAVE to add some pictures of MY little kiddo here you know! =)

This waterpark was amazing...
Can I hear a playdate in the works SCC ladies!?! ;)

Janice - your little guy is just precious and his expression never fails to put an ear-to-ear smile on my face!  His politeness, his sweetness, and his sharing is such a great testiment to your parenting!  And it is SO sweet to see him with his little sister.  Just in love over here ;)  Thanks to you both for being so open and honest about the whole journey and walking the rest of us through what is to come.  Shaya is such a joy and we just can't wait to be in your shoes! =)

Loved seeing the guys enjoying conversations as much as us ladies did!

The Amelie Apology =)

Ann-Marie - thank you for bringing your beautiful family and getting to know us more!  I can't believe we live so close and never knew!!!

Amelie made a new best friend in Maggie!

This woman is AMAZING with children (of ALL ages).  She just gets down on their level like none other. 

Tarah, you are going to make an incredible mother!  I cannot wait to see your life transform by expanding your family.  Thank you for becoming such a BIG part of our lives and being such a blessing to us.

Monkey chasing around the bikes...

Niki has a group photo we took (we didn't want the kind stranger who offered to take our picture to be overwhelmed with 17 and I'll be sure to post it when it makes it over this way.

Thank you to all the families who joined us in this fun day and helped make memories to last a lifetime!  We look forward to MANY more...



Shannon said...

So many fun pictures! Thank you so much for including us. We had a wonderful time and already look forward to our next get together! We got a great pic of Skyler and Josie eating puffs together...I'll get it posted today:)

G said...

Soo cool! Looks like such a wonderful day! The adoption world sure is a pretty special place. :)

Janice said...

Megan - you are so sweet. THANK YOU for helping to organize this and documenting it so well!! It was so fun to see everyone and meet new friends. xoxo

Alison said...

So fun to be able to get together with other adoptive families!! Looks like ya'll had a great time!!

Darcee said...


You are SO fast post pictures! THANKS! ♥ LOVE THEM! ...Love how our group is growing! YEAH! Love your ♥ for adoptions!

You are ONE amazing little blogging chicka! :) Soooo, glad to have met you and am excited to watch each one of us in this AWESOME Seattle group bring our BEAUTIFUL babies home! :)

♥ Darcee

Janet said...

Hi Megan,
So great to meet you and your beautiful family! Thanks for taking such great pictures! I'm going to see if I can be tech-saavy enough to repost some of them (don't hold your breath). I've been thinking of you a lot the past day as I've been crafting away over here! Have a great week!!!
~ Janet