Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inspiration to Inspire

In my last post I hinted about my current color crush - a soft palette of gold, white, blush pink, and mint green.  It has been popping up as inspiration for me everywhere - in my makeup, accessories, clothing choices, and recently in my home decor.  Now, don't take me too seriously on that last part...I mean there is only so much soft pink and mint green you can toss into your home decor without raising your husband's eyebrows.  It takes place in understated accessories - a candle holder, a picture, or a flower arrangement.  But that's all about to change!

If you're a friend on facebook (yeah, that's right, This Domesticated Diva is on facebook!) you may have noticed my plea for inspiration lately.  Simply put, my craft/office space is devoid of any creativity right now.  It's shoved in the corner of my blah dining room.  It's functioning from the furniture pieces deemed not good enough for the rest of the house.

(Did you think I was kidding about that last part?)

While I by no means vacuumed or dusted before taking this photo, I did tidy up just the slightest.  It was for your benefit, I promise!  I'm positive you don't want to see empty coffee cups, piles of receipts and notepads covered in my doodles, notes, and inspirations.  But if I'm mistaken, my apologies.  =)

This is my craft/office corner.  An old sewing desk inherited from my grandma with chipping stain and spray painted handles.  An uneven metal chair from my grandpa's ice cream shop that scratches my beautiful floors.  The shelves are my husband's handiwork, inspired from the great House of Smith's, but lacking in any sense of decor.  Yes, that is our tired old gingerbread house still adorning the top shelf...and will you please forget how filthy that dining room chair is....we're in the process of recovering them, as we have been for the last three months.

It's no wonder I am lacking inspiration in a space like this!  How am I supposed to create when my "creative space" lacks all creativity and any sense of design?  Hence the title of my post - "Inspiration to Inspire".  To BE creative, you need a space that inspires you, that speaks to your soul.

Once I realized what was lacking, my mind instantly flashed back to that soft color palette that has been taking over my dreams (yes, I dream about color, design, and all that glitter goodness...don't you?).  My desk may be in the corner of our dining room, but that doesn't mean it can't be a space of its own.  So with a little help from Pinterest, I've got an inspiration and a plan (that most likely won't be able to take place until spring when the sun warms the air just enough for a successful spray paint job...have I mentioned it's gloomy here?  Possibly once or twice).

Start with a white desk and soft pink chair 
(neutral walls already exist):
1) Source 2) Source 3) Source 4) Source

Add a physical pin board under my shelves:
Some simple organization:
1) Source 2) Source 3) Source

And a portable "Craft Cart" could go a loooong way:
Yes, a few simple changes could go a long way over here.  Someday, hopefully, I'll have a craft room of my own.  But in the meantime I want to make work what I do have.  Stay tuned.  I'm determined to see this one through.


P.S. Do you have any ideas in addition to mine that would make this space pop?  Speak up!  I'd LOVE to hear from you!!!

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Rachael Andrews said...

I think it's all super cute and cheery!