Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Wonderland Birthday

Well, we are in post-party rehab today.  It has been a two-year old overload weekend, to say the least.  Partly due to the fact that we were helping in the 2's class at church the day after Cocoa's birthday bash.  I didn't think this all through when I chose the date of her belated celebration apparently.  But despite the headache of planning a last-minute party (this was last minute for ME, okay?) and filling your house with people (who all LOVE to gab) we had a really great weekend and a wonderful birthday party for our little girl.

Hollywood helped me pick out a really fun theme for Cocoa's second birthday a couple months back and I had spent months gathering ideas for her party.  However, after the holidays our whole family got sick. Nothing major, but it was one thing after another and three weeks later we were just starting to feel better and I hadn't even begun planning her party.  My husband gave me a huge reality check and we decided to ditch the grand bash we had all been hoping for and keep it simple this year.  Which is where we came up with our Gold and White Winter Wonderland Theme.  I've been a little obsessed with the simple color theme (along with soft blushing pinks and minty greens) lately and since I was just taking our Christmas decorations was simple enough to hold onto the glitter and snowflakes for just a little while longer (no complaining on my part).

The simplicity took off a load of stress (self-induced stress, as usual) which was exactly what I needed. It was easy on the budget too, which made my husband happy =)  Due to the last minute nature of this party, I whipped out a basic design on photoshop and texted the invitations.  Classy, I know!

Details removed for our family's protection =)
We tried to keep it low key and decorate using things we had around the house (or in storage).  I found some sheer white curtains in my sewing pile (intended for the birthday girl's nursery, but I never hemmed them to the right length) and thought they would make a perfect backdrop for the dessert table, along with some twinkling Christmas lights.  Sticking with the snow theme, I created several strings of a marshmallow garland, and hung varying lengths of golden snowflake ornaments between them.

The dessert table!

Then it was time to pull in the Hubs to pull off the next part of my vision.  I stole the ornate white frame from Cocoa's Divaesque room and backed it with some faux snow.  Using the simplicity of cardboard, scrapbook paper, twine, and glitter spray paint...I created the sparkly "2" and pendant banner.  Hubs worked his magic to hang that from the curtain rod (which he admitted was much more simple than my last request, which you have yet to see from Hollywood's Construction themed party).  This simple and almost-free addition MADE the backdrop, in my humble opinion.

The rest of the decor for the dessert table was mostly leftover Christmas decor.  Snow filled apothecary jars, candles, glitter, and the sparkly M's (from our stockings).  I made a simple vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, added some bunting (made of paper straws and scrapbook paper) and glitzed up a candle with some glitter!  The simplicity looked so elegant, it surprised me.  I placed the cake pops in styrofoam filled paint cans covered with gold scrapbook paper and twine.  Seriously, could this party be any easier?

Keeping it simple, we served snacks instead of a full lunch - fruit, veggies, and lots of cheese.  And just for some added fun, we popped some popcorn in coconut oil, topped it with white chocolate and gold sprinkles, and set out a hot chocolate/coffee bar with ALLLLL the goodies.  Not the most well-balanced meal, but let's face it, a party is all about the dessert anyway right?!?  I mean, uh, the BIRTHDAY girl.  It's all about the BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!  =)

I'm so thankful to our family who was able to come celebrate our little lady's birthday and make this day special for her!  But even MORE thankful for this little girl who lights up our home with smiles and laughter and some sass that won't quit!  =)


P.S.  Doesn't it kind of feel like we had her first birthday party just yesterday???  Might have something to do with the fact that I only posted about it weeks ago ;)

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