Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Perfect Family Photos

It was just a couple months ago I shared with you my concerns about our upcoming family photo shoot.  However, it just came to my realization that I never actually showed you how they turned out!!!

We completely lucked out with the most amazing photographer!  I was so thankful to so many of you locals who referred their favorite photographers in the Seattle area.  I spent a lot of time looking through all their websites to find someone who fit our budget and our style.  Once I chose my top two, I presented them to my husband for the final decision, knowing I would be completely thrilled with either photographer.

My husband chose Mike Fiechtner for his attention to detail and for the fact that he was a fellow adoptive father who has a heart for Africa just like we do.  When it came down to it, we just wanted to support someone who shared the same values as we do!

I cannot tell you HOW thrilled I am with everything about the photo shoot!  Mike was professional and friendly and GREAT with the kids (like BEYOND great, the kids had the best time ever).  After weeks of stressing over what to wear, I felt that it all came together wonderfully.  My husband and I collaboratively decided to keep our wardrobes full of color, just like everything else in our lives! =)  Mike also had the great idea of doing a journalistic approach to a "Day In The Life" of our family.  He arrived while we were getting ready and played with the kids, snapping photos of our home, our play, and us getting ready.  It was a great opportunity for the kids to get to know him in a comfortable setting before we took off and posed for some serious pictures.

He rode along with us to two separate locations for some traditional family photos, as well as some silly, un-posed goodness.  By far, my favorite family shoot we have done ever!  My kids did not complain once (except for maybe that smell back by the dumpster), and were in fact sad to see Mike go!

Check out the rest of our shoot on Mike's blog and maybe LIKE him on Facebook and show him some love for his great work!!!


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