Thursday, January 24, 2013


Because of my history of posting over the last two years, I feel the to post something, whether or not it is news worthy just so that y'all don't think I've abandoned you again!  Haha!  That, and it can't help to develop a habit if I really want to get back into this blog business, right?  (And I use the word "business" lightly as I do not make any cash-ola from my blog!  Just an FYI!)

I have a lot of really big blog posts I am working on, however due to some major procrastinating on the party planning over here, I am short of time to finish up any of those (Hint - They include lots of photos and therefore photo editing!).  Yep - that's right!  If you read between the lines here (or been following my pins on Pinterest), then you noticed there's a birthday bash in the works.  As y'all saw from Cocoa's Diva birthday bash, you know I take parties quite seriously.  And once again, it is time to celebrate the girl to the fullness!  That being said, my husband did give me a dose of reality and begged me to calm things down a bit this year due to everything else that is going on in our lives.  (Ooooh yes, we're still recovering from 2012!)

But as I slaaaaaave away in the kitchen baking cake, cookies, cake pops, and crafting all SORT of glittery goodness, I've been catching up on episodes of Nashville!  And by catching up, I mean starting watching episodes of Nashville.  I have little time to do it since my husband doesn't really want to watch it with me (doesn't like drama for some odd reason =).  I'm not even entirely sure I love it yet, but I am very interested if that makes any sense.  Might have something to do with my obsession with the city right now.  ;)


Anywho!  That's where I've been!  After this weekend is over I'll work on some major photo yumminess for you!  (Yes, food might be involved.)