Friday, January 11, 2013

The {Zebra + Pink} Diva Party!!!

{Flashback to January 2012}

As I'm in the midst of planning Cocoa's 2ND birthday bash, I was inspired to finally share the photos from last year's party.  Don't worry, YES I am very aware that I go completely overboard for my kids.  It is not meant to outshine anyone or make anyone feel bad about having a simple party for their kids.  This is just simply something I love to do and take pleasure in, as well as a fun creative outlet for a stay at home mom =)  Enjoy!

And yes, the details on her invitation have been changed for privacy reasons =)

I showed you pictures from Cocoa's birthday...but being that her birthday is the WEEK of Christmas, it makes throwing a party a little challenging.  Someday when she's old enough she might care and we might do it anyway....but for now, she doesn't know the difference.  So we waited until the holidays were over and the Christmas decorations were put away, and we threw her the Diva party she deserved!  (And possibly the diva party I have been planning for two years in my head, hehe!)

Although we try our hardest not to pressure our family into traveling for our kids' birthday parties, it always makes it EXTRA special when they are able to be there.  This time, only the grandparents were able to make it.  I feel sorry for Cocoa that her cousins probably won't be able to make it most years because of the time of year her birthday is.  But....there's nothing we can really do to change it either.  Maybe...I'll just overcompensate with decorations!  Yeah....that will be the explanation for my husband in years to come!  ;)

Well....without further ado, I present to you....


For those of you interested, I'll share the details:
-Backdrop is simply some zebra-print wrapping paper hung from a curtain rod.
-Pink paper lanterns are from the Dollar Store - I found them several years back for a baby shower I was hosting and held on to them.
-The tissue poms I made myself with instructions from Pinterest.
-"Happy Birthday" banner is from A to Zebra Celebrations which I won on a giveaway about the time Cocoa came home.
-Cake and cookies were also inspired from Pinterest, but yes, I did make them myself.
-The cake pops and marshmallow pops were made with some much-needed assistance from my friend Annika (who I might as well call a cake-decorator...because, although it isn't her job, she is so amazing and helps out everyone in our circle of friends!)
-The candy jars are filled with 1) mini marshmallows and strawberry marshmallows 2) chocolate covered raisins 3) black, white, and pink sixlets (from Hobby Lobby).
-Cocoa's bib was a baby shower gift from my dear friend Elle J.
-The Headband and Onesie I made myself.
-The tutu is from Costco (but was gifted to her by her auntie Michelle).


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Elle J said...

Love it!! I totally agree with what you stated about the "why" you go-all-out for their parties. Guilty here too. I didn't know it at the time - but now I am even more glad that I did - because now that they are tween/teens, the theme parties/decor are out and "simple" with friends is in. Miss the theme and excitement of planning every detail. So, enjoy it and keep rockin' those party plans!! She looks so sweet in her zebra bib. =) Such fun memories!!!