Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Lil' Diva Turns 1!!!

HOW is it that this much time has passed and I have STILL not blogged about my Lil Lady's first birthday bash?!?  Just realized it.  My deepest apologies.  Because I KNOOOOOW you all have been waiting =)

Well since there is now a limited amount of time before I have to bust out dinner in time for the Hubs to be home (not to mention before my co-writer, the diva herself, runs out of patience), I'll start by sharing with you our little family party on her ACTUAL birthday.  But gear up -- because her big birthday party was INSANE!!!  (I have no better word choice at the moment....fried mom brain at dinner time, what can I say??)

Good mornin' birthday girl!!!!

Excited for the PRESENTS!!!

Since I rarely have photos of me with the kids - I love this one!
Happy BERFDAY Baby Girl!!!

The Birthday Girl =)

Monkey REALLY wants to show her how its done...

She loved it as I knew she would =)

Girl's first jewelry =)

My version of the Pinterest pose....couldn't get the lighting quite right.

Okay...clean my hands now mama!!!

Messy baby!

Oooooh yeeeeaaaah!!!  That's the way a cake smash is SUPPOSED to go!!!
So there you go -- a diva's first birthday!  Obviously I didn't finish it in the timeframe I wanted considering its SEVERAL days later =)  But there you go nonetheless.  More birthday pictures coming soon.  And by "soon" I mean "when I have time".


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