Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The LONG-AWAITED Room Reveal

It's the post you've ALLLLLLL been waiting for!!!!

This is SOOOOOOOO long overdue, it's not even funny.  I've promised Cocoa's room reveal more times than I can count, but failed to deliver time and time again.  Reasons vary from day to day, but center mostly around the fact that it is STILL not completely finished and that drives me crazy.  But with the amount of projects going around in this just might never be.  But it's adorable (according to me...and really, who else matters when it comes to the way my house looks, right?) and I can't wait to share it with you all!!!

So the wait is over at last my friends, thank you for your patience (or lack thereof).  =)

Walking into her room...

Cocoa's sanctuary =)

A friend of ours, Josiah, did this INCREDIBLE mural for us in just one afternoon!
Letters are from Joann Fabrics, I think. (NAILED to the wall b/c that sticky stuff didn't hold!!!)

Another friend, Erik, helped my husband with the sunset/ombre pink and wife, Lori, bought us the awesome (and quite fitting) DIVA sign!!!

The chair was a precious gift, given by my sister-in-law Laura the Christmas before we got Cocoa's referral.  It is our grandma's old rocking chair repainted and she placed an adorable Africa decal on it.

I begged my talented sister-in-law, Amanda, to sew the changing table cover with my scrap fabric while we were in Ethiopia picking up Cocoa!!!
Zebra frame was Cocoa's birthday gift from my BFF Nicole.

Dresser turned changing table - Craigslist
Lovely blanket (on the chair) was sewn by my dear friend Annika, and is still Cocoa's security blanket.
My homemade roman shades did not turn out how I had hoped (due to me gluing black out fabric on the back) so we plan to replace them with bamboo ones.  I have the curtain rod but still no clue what my plan is for curtains!  =)

Cocoa's stylist chair! - Garage sale benefitting a friend's breast cancer walk, woohoo!

Bedding....which you have all seen before!  Gift from my sister-in-law Amanda back when we were anxiously waiting for our referral.  Sweet Sounds Giraffe was a gift from Grandma VG.  Silk pillowcase to protect those curls!

Giraffe was also a gift from Grandma VG.
Cradle was mine when I was little.
Doll is a gift from my pal Darcee - her mom made it for us expecting mamas!
Frame was meant to be a bow board but it didn't last.  Old Ikea frame repainted.
So that's it!!!  Let me know what you think!



4 Blessings said...

LOVE IT! The tree and the pink sunset colors are beautiful together. You did an amazing job. Too cute!

Skellyvision said...

Wow you did an amazing job, love it!