Friday, May 6, 2011

The "Nesting" Fever Has Begun!!!

Remember my post the other day about creating list after list after list (after list) in preparation for our trip and that I really needed to STOP making lists and start actually PACKING?!?  {If not, it's okay you can read it HERE!}  Well THIS what I did after writing THAT post.  Seriously!

Now I don't know if everyone's brain clicks the way that mine does {and sincerely hope that is NOT the case...because that would be a scary world if I say so myself!} so let me explain how I got to this productive place.  {Some call it productive, some call it procrastination....poe-tato, pah-tato!!}  You the midst of mission "get-baby-girl's-nursery-done-ASAP-because-we're-leaving-for-Africa", stuff has become a little bit shuffled around here.  In order to clear the way to complete a project you shuffle it to another room.  Unfortunately, it's a rare occasion they get shuffled back.  So my home {AHEM...OUR home} has morphed into this weird transitional phase with piles and odds-and-ends projects all over.  Kinda driving me bonkers, in all honesty!  So I KNOW I have to pack and I SINCERELY plan to do it...because, let's face it - two weeks disappears in a blink of an eye and I'm getting on that plane whether I have luggage or not!  But PACKING two weeks in advance usually turns into piles to get yourself organized....RIGHT?!?  Well if I just go ahead and start placing things in piles...I'm going to get to the "get-that-stuff-in-suitcases-NOW" mode and forget what is projects and what is packing supplies!!!  Okay...MAYBE that's not entirely true....but seriously!!  OCD over here...whattemIgonnado?!?!   I'll TELL you what I did!!!!  I cleaned!!!!  I let the overdue paper pregnancy nesting take OVER and - PHEW!!!  I am SOOO glad I did!!!!  I think every corner {almost} of my house got a make-over today....check it OUT!!!!!

{See this crazy computer mess behind my ADORABLE nephew (who belongs to the fabulous VDG)????  Yep - I'm  disorganized slob.}

{Fun and Playful KIDZONE!!!  This kiddo kitchen was mine growing up and could use a makeover of it's own...but for now - Monkey is enjoying the HECK outta it!!!  Table and chairs are a past Christmas present and are from IKEA...they were located in the Living Room but for the past two years I've been dreaming about them here =) sweet to have another thing crossed off that "To-Do" list!!!}
Oh and another thing....I think this window could use an UHMAZING fabric roman shade...right?!?  I've got the perfect one in mind!!! =)

So where did that computer go?????
WELL!!!  We found the exact same IKEA "corner workstation" we've been eyeing for only a quarter of the price on craigslist!!!  Only catch - the unit only fits in our Master Bedroom.  =(  Pooey for Mama...but Hubs sees it as a good opportunity to limit my computer time.  Sorry all you fellow comments are about to become even MORE sparse...if that's even possible!  AND you order to fit that huge 'ole beast into the bedroom there needed to be some major cleaner-uppage done!!!

{Yeah I KNOW you remember THIS disaster!!!  This is when you demoted me from my "Domesticated Diva" status (in your mind of course, because you were too kind to hurt my feelings) I right?!?}

{The way a Master Bedroom SHOULD look right?!?  Still a bazillion things on my "To-Do" list to make this place scream "ME!" but I feel MUCH more at home here!!!}

In all honesty, we actually hate that glider and have plans to replace it someday....but better in our room than our living room.  The hope chest and the new computer cabinet {which is that GIGANTIC thing in the corner} will be painted SOMEday...but we're in no rush.  It looks fine, we're just not huge fans of that honey color.  But whatduyathink?????  Much better huh!!!!  Oh YEAH...those are new curtains!!!!  Didja notice?!?  And NO!  The remodel didn't stop HERE!!!  Because we moved the glider out of the Living Room, we had to reorganize that space as well!!!!  {Are you exhausted yet...?}


Oh WAIT!!  You didn't ask to see what it looked like when we MOVED IN 3 years ago!!!!  Hahaha....but someday I SHOULD do a post on the FOR REALS before and afters, huh?!?  LOL!!  WOW what a mess!!!  Can you believe I slept on a mattress on the floor surrounded by those boxes and layers of dust while endouring months and months of morning sickness???  Yeah...neither can I!  

Okay...let's see if I have a "taken before this morning" before picture!!!  Hahaha!!!   ...OK this is the BEST I've got, back from my "I'm a messy housewife post..."  Not great...but you get the point!

{Ahhh!! Breath of fresh air!!!}

Wow - those doors are REALLY ugly!  Amazing the things you start to not even notice after three years.  Those are next on our list though...

Hmmm....what else did I get done today...

Well MONKEY'S ROOM for one!!!!  But that deserves a post of it's OWN!!!!  So come back tomorrow for MONKEY'S BIG ROOM REVEAL!!!!  Woohoo!!!!  LOL...I am so excited to share with you what we have spent a LONG time working on {and again...still in need of some finishing details...but far enough to REVEAL}!!!

And SOON - very soon{!!!} we will be {I will blog - DUH!} revealing Lil Miss' nursery!!!  It is close to finished folks and I can HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!  But just because I know your interest is peaked...and y'all are SICK AND TIRED of me teasing you about's a hint of what's to come!!!  ;)  Hehee!!!!

I know...I'm pure evil right?!? least you know what her bedding looks like, right?!?  =)
See you tomorrow bloggers!!!



G said...

I LOVE the make-overs!!! That's a lot to accomplish in one day--very impressive!!! :) (Can't wait to see the nursery.) :)

rhaut said...

Can't wait to see her room!!!!!!:)

Jaly Can said...

Great looking urban art. I am so glad to get a peek at it!