Thursday, May 12, 2011

Monkey Madness

I've been putting together a little picture book for Monkey for while we are away, which forced me to go through my old pictures for the first time in....a long time.  Before I knew it I was ooo-ing and awww-ing over precious photos in those first weeks after he was born and videos from those sunny days his first April {Which kinda made me mad that it's mid-May and we still have rain.  And not just sprinkle rain but POURING rain...} and so on and so on.

So for no other reason that I LOVE MY's a flashback to some of my favorite Monkey photos EVER!!!!

Coming home from the hospital!

First week home

Mr. Snuggles

Such a temper for such a lil boy!

GREAT smile!

Those eyes MELT me!

This was May 2009 - this just KILLS me in comparison to our current weather.

First time camping

First real road trip

Picture on his first birthday party invites

Doesn't he look like a gap model?  Amazing for a point-and-shoot, huh?!?

At the zoo

2nd Birthday party invites

Last summer....naps in the tent trailer during a heat-wave

On a coffee date with Mama and Marissa

November snow

Fell asleep on our way to getting a Christmas tree

Christmas 2010 - in his room

This January...still playing with Christmas boxes!

Out for cupcakes - looks SO grown up here!

Easter weekend - love that smile!



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Those pictures are SO CUTE!!! :)

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