Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Lil' Lady LOVES the swings
 It was slow moving, but starting in July, summer hit.  And summer hit HARD!

...Okay, okay.  I lied.  Summer doesn't "hit hard" in the Pacific NW.  A consistent mid-70's is often too much to ask of our dreary state.  I don't know if I only broke out the camera on clear-weather days (which is entirely a possibility) or if I'm just blocking out bad (again, a very real possibility), but from my summer collection of seems we've had it alright!  =)

This day, however, I do remember.  The lighting was right.  My kids were dressed cute (you mamas know how that can be a challenge with toddlers, right?).  My camera battery was charged.  The kids were actually BOTH cheerful (at. the. same. time.).  The stars aligned for the perfect photo shoot (ha)!  So what do we get?

My bright-eyed beauty (MELT)

My crazy-haired goofball (AW)

A crazy "monster" pose (HA)
Bootyliscious is what we all THAT!

Monkey climbing the slide
 I'm so thankful to see my kids playing together so well.  When we got Cocoa's referral I was hopeful that they were close enough in age to be "buddies".  I'll admit, it's not the case all the time, but the love between these two is so evident in so many ways.

One cries when the other gets hurt.  They always try to rescue each other from time outs (or time ins, which is more often the case with the Diva over there).  And they insist on hugs and kisses before they part (even if it's just for a nap/quiet time).  Blessed is an understatement.

Thank you LORD for these amazing little angels!!!

Both of them smiling at the same time?!?  Unreal.  Might just be the only photo like this that exists.


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