Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Work In Progress

I know I've been promising you all for a while.  Many of you have been comments, on FB, on the phone, in person.  I know I'm making you wait, and I'm sorry.

What am I talking about?  Take your pick....our master bedroom, Monkey's big boy room, and most recently - the nursery!

I've been told a room is never really finished.  That it is always a work in progress.  I guess that means that at some point I'm going to have to reveal my projects to you as is....because there IS some truth in that.  A creative person is never completely finished with a project.  Maybe our home's status will always be "in progress".

...just like me!

God designed me, but His work isn't finished either.  Each day he is molding and shaping me to be more like Him, a reflection of Him.  And yet He isn't ashamed to show me off - He is proud of me and what He's done through me so far.

Maybe I should remember that my perfectionism.  =)  Making my home a reflection of my personal style is not going to happen overnight (or apparently, in three years either).

So even though I'm STILL not ready to show off the nursery or Monkey's big boy room (but they ARE coming!!!) I'm going to show you the master bedroom.  Because we've been living in it for months now.  Because according to my husband, it IS finished.  And because...I'm really quite proud of what it has become.

I think this is the earliest picture I have of the room....AFTER we turned it from a shop into part of the house...but as you can see it was just used as storage for our yard sale back in July.  You might want to read back to THIS POST to find our inspiration =)

Our friend Adrian laid the hardwood floors (he did our whole house).  If you are local and need any hardwood floors refinished or put in I would HIGHLY recommend him!  I've never met someone who knows more about hardwood floors.

View when you enter from the living room.

View from the closet door.

 And JUST in case you thought we actually had it all together....view the OTHER side of the room - the thron in my side!  A storage area for projects going on in every corner of the house:
Yeah...not so impressed NOW, are ya? ;)

Like I said...this room is still FAR from finished in my eyes.  It is actually painful for me to show you these pictures because I'm not a huge fan of it as is.  So expect some dramatically different changes in the near future.  There is new bedding on the horizon, and we still have to put up the draperies, and there will be some decorative painting hopefully this summer.  Also looking for that perfect headboard and nightstands (a room wouldn't be complete without it!) and that hope chest under the window is getting a makeover (I TOLD YOU there was a lot left to do...)

And don't even ASK what's beyond the closet doors...wait...what?!?  You asked? DON'T want to see this (or maybe you do...)

So I won't show you the NURSERY but you can see her existing CLOSET (which is kinda combined with ours for now)!

Another project zone....cuz its too cold for spray paint outside!

A recent thrift store find that had me drooling =)

And FYI - this post started out as just an update on our progress....



G said...

I LOVE it!!!! The color and floors are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great job! :)

Alison said...

Love it!!! Ya'll have done a great job!! Can't wait to see the kids' rooms!

Elle J said...

LOVE your bedroom - and thanks for keeping "it real" - Ha Ha Ha. You'll get to the other projects in due time, not to worry. It is obvious you know what you are doing with the style you have created in your bedroom. Great Job!!!

Jay said...

Looks so nice!! It always takes time - and if you're creative, as it seems you are, enjoy all of it (even the messes)!

Debb said...

I SO GET what you mean about not wanting to post a room until it is done! I was so excited to post our nursery pics, but wanted to wait until it was complete. My excitement won out. But it will be fun to show the updates as they are accomplished! ;) Love, love, LOVE your dark floors! And that blue! Funny! Our next project is painting OUR bedroom blue too! Your blue TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!

Debb said...

Okay, so this is the SECOND time tonight that I have typed something and LOST IT!!!! Weird. I tried to say in the first comment that I "get" your hesitancy in posting an unfinished room. I wanted to wait to post our nursery until it was completed, but my excitement won out! It will be fun to see how the room progresses! Love, love LOVE the dark floors! And that blue! LOVE it too! Funny ~ we are going to paint our bedroom blue too! Good nesting projects, don't ya think!?!?!? ;)

Ashlee said...

This is just beautiful. I can't wait to see pics with your new baby in your gorgeous house!!!