Thursday, October 14, 2010

Glimpse of Inspiration

You wanna know what inspires me?  What keeps me up dreaming of color pallettes at 2am?  You might not be able to tell, but we live in a fixer upper.  We've been at it for...woah, almost THREE years now!  No wonder I dream of peacock feathers and far away exotic lands! 

You see, I've always got a room I'm working on.  Our latest project is our master bedroom. 

When we bought this house, it had a TINY dining room.  Like...we couldn't fit our dining room table.  And then down this dark and dreary hall was a master bedroom with the only entrance to the back yard.  Well, let's just say the layout made NO sense with kiddos in our near future (I got pregnant with Lil Man right around the time we moved know how they say when you stop trying you get pregnant?  That was JUST the case for us...the fixer upper was a distraction from my daily temps and ovulation charts and...well, that may be TMI...).  SO!  We tore down the walls (and yes, I actually had something to do with it ;) and let the dining room flow into the master bedroom creating one big space for our dining room.  I LOVE it!  Probably the best decision we made in this house (that and the kitchen, thank you Monica!) because it opened EVERYTHING up! also brought us down to two bedrooms.  Fine at the time, but now with Lil Miss on the way, and two tiny rooms...we were DEFINATELY in need of an expansion. 

Fortunately, the previous owner had done the work of the expansion before we bought the house from him, only he had expanded to make a shop in the back.  It was/is attatched to the house, but the only entrance was from the great outdoors....and it was lined floor to ceiling in shelving and cabinets for tools and...well, junk that he left behind for us.  (Can't tell you how many days and runs to the dump it took to clear that space out!) 

Well, it has taken a LOT of work to get us thus far!  We my husband raised the floor up seven inches, tore down all previous drywall and insulation (because it was YUCK) and re-did it ALL!  Of course he had to add a door to the INSIDE of the house, and seal up the one to the exterior and put a few windows in...BUT!  It's finally starting to look like a room!

SO...back to design.  Since we've started from scratch, I can do WHATEVER I WANT (budget allowing) in this room!  Its so exciting, but a little overwhelming too!  Good thing I have a good friend of mine (Monica) who is an interior designer!  She has been a HUGE help in this whole house!  Although I have a great idea of what I want, I tend to OVERFLOW with ideas...and well, if we combined every idea I had it could become VERY busy and overwhelming.  (You see why I'm up into the wee hours of the morning?)  Thanks to many, many, many talks with Monica, she has helped me reel in my ideas and organize my thoughts to create a cheery, romantic, serene, royal, and tranquil space.  I hope.  It's still not finished, obviously.

Since my facebook friends have been getting some random posts leaving them questioning my thoughts, I thought I would give a glimpse into my design inspiration, a "teaser" so to speak!  But too bad for'll have to wait for the finished product (or close to...since things never quite seem to get finished around here) to get the whole picture! 
Of course if you come over, I'll gladly show you our progress ;)

***Small disclaimer: I don't know where ANY of these photos are from, since I have been just randomly saving things to my computer throughout the months! =D 

You excited to see how all my crazy ideas come together into ONE room???  You can probably guess my color pallette, but for the rest you'll have to keep checking back!  Sooner or later the room HAS to be finished and then I'll do the big reveal!

OH!  And if anyone knows where I can find some affordable chandeliers....old brass ones I can refinish makes me even HAPPIER, but really anything at all, please let me know! =D



Becca Harley said...

oh, I love it!! Come do my room:)

Jenny said...

i cannot WAIT to see the finished product! i bet it's going to look amazing!

Abby said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!! We are going to be adding on to our tiny (3br + 6 people soon to be 7) house in the spring.


ps. We live just up the highway from you (Mount Vernon) :)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Looking at these pictures makes me smile smile smile! WHY???? Because they just SCREAM your name :) Shouting, full lung capacity, screaming you! Love it. The luxurious fabrics, the shine and glitz and glamour and of course, the colors!

Can't wait to see the finished room!

Darcee said...

Ooooooh my! I love, love, love the colors - lots and lots of colors! :) Yehoooooo! ...and remember I am your PEACOCK feather resource! ha ha ha! I've got (2) birds worth of feathers, just waiting for ya! :) ...I had no idea those crazy birds lose all their feathers every year and then grow them back - so, a second set is in the works (just in case you wanted to wall paper your walls with them or something)! :)

Your BEDROOM is going to be BEAUTIFUL - I JUST know it!! You are sooooooooo daaaaang creative!!!


Happy Friday! :)

♥ Darc

missy said...

i am inspired by the yellow chair and all things peacock blue. what fun!

Alison said...

Love the color bright and fun!! Can't wait to see the finished room!! :)

Nicole said...

I am so excited to see the big reveal! Nice to "meet" you also. We are in Spokane but visit Seattle quite often, since we have some family there. You guys live in such a great place. By the way your little monkey is the cutest little guy!