Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall-tastic Treats To Try

Monkey and I decided to make some fall-tastic treats to celebrate this new season of joy in our home!  We sure had a lot of fun!!!

Monkey's excitement for cookies is so clear on his face! 
LOVE that little smile <3

"Cookie, cookie" he kept saying =)

Taste test!!!  The verdict??  "Mummy!"  ;)  {aka nuummy}

M&M cookies {recipe from}
We had picked out all the red & blue m&ms for Monkey's police-themed birthday party, and lucky us...all that was left was brown, yellow, orange, and green!  Perfect harvesty colors, don't ya think??

On his sugar high, Monkey decided to go "nigh nigh" IN our storage ottoman (where we store blankets and books normally, not kids)!
Notice the heap of laundry behind him???  Yeah..I was too busy being entertained by Monkey to have ANY desire to fold that!

Sleepy or playful???

All done apparently!
{Someday I'll remember to move my feet before taking pictures, lol}

"Ta-da!!!" {as Monkey says to EVERYthing lately}
Our Fall-tastic treats!

Easy Peasy...PROMISE!!!
Take a bunch of chocolate chips, throw 'em in a microwave-safe bowl with a dollop of shortening {so it doesn't get too thick}.  Microwave on low settings until smooth and melty {like my made up words?} and add a bunch of pretzels and stir.  Lay out on parchment paper so that none {or hardly none} overlap.  THEN melt some white candy melts in the microwave with some shortening {this time b/c we're adding gel food coloring and otherwise the food coloring can make it so thick that you can't drizzle}.  When softened mix in orange gel food coloring {or red + yellow} and pour into a small baggie {or large depending on how much you melted}.  Cut a VERY small hole in the corner of the baggie and "drizzle" {draw zig-zag lines} over all the pretzels.  Let harden...or in our case, put in the freezer over night.  ENJOY!
See???  Not so bad, huh?


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